April 6, 2006

After a long delay the LifeNets sponsored maize mill is completed.

E. Salawila called me in March and informed me that the maize mill was running. I could hear the sound of the mill in the background. Three families will benefit from the proceeds of the maize mill, the Salawilas, the Chiumbuzos and the Chakhazas.

In Malawi the maize is purchased and then milled so they eat their favorite food, nsima. Malawians take their maize (corn) to a mill that is close to them. It is inconvenient if they have to travel far to get their maze processed. The maize mill is located at Mr. E. Salawila's and makes it much easier for many in the township to get their maize processed.

- Bill Jahns


Those benefiting from the mill. (Fred Chiumbuzo & wife on left, Gilton Chakhaza, then the E. E. Salawilas)