May 5, 2022 From Khust, Ukraine. The war is coming here.

May 5, 2022

Vladislav Yurishko writes this report from Khust, Ukraine about the conditions there as of May 4, 2022.  Missiles from the Russians are hitting targets in Transcarpathia. Our work to help refugees still in Ukraine continues. We thank all of you who are helping us in this effort.  This report and photos show what LifeNets is doing.

May 4, 2022

Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. Kubik,

Vladislav Yurishko

I want to tell you a little bit about what's happening here. Since the beginning of the war, God has protected our area and we have not had a single explosion, but that was until last night. After a long air alarm, there was a strong explosion in the mountainous region of our region. The victims have not been reported yet. Thank God we are here in Khust in safety.

I want to thank you from Beverly and all those people who join through LifeNets to help war victims.

Thanks to you, we can help those in need and fulfill the commandments of Jesus Christ (Matthew 25:35).

We are your hands. You fill the basket with food, and we pass it on to those who urgently need it.
And we are very glad that we can be participants in such a wonderful and VERY useful mission.

As I have told you before, a lot of humanitarian aid is sent to places where there have been battles or areas close to them, so these people we are helping are left out of support. On the one hand, one would think that they are already safe and that is enough, but on the other hand, they are in very difficult circumstances when there is nothing to buy food for children or elderly parents.

That is why we came to such an exception that these people who were sheltered in the villages are in great need of food support. And because God moves your hearts, we can do that.

People often ask us "who is this help from?"

We answer: The LifeNets Charitable Foundation has sent funds so that the Salvation Church volunteer team can give this help to you (who are forced to leave their homes due to Russian shelling), so we are just the "hands" of those good people who care about the Ukrainian people.

From thousands of people, we sincerely thank all those who contribute to this cause.

Yesterday (May 3, 2022) we had the opportunity to be in three villages:

the village of Lipcha,
the village of Lipetska Polyana (my father Ivan Yurishko was born here),
the village of Dovge.

We work in this way, I call the authorities and ask them to provide us with a list of officially registered refugees. Then we schedule the day and time of our arrival with grocery kits so people come to help.

In the village of Lipcha, we distributed food kits to 461 people.

In the village of Lipetska Polyana, 57 people received assistance

In the village of Dovhe from this list most people, about 1,100 refugees are registered, unfortunately not enough for everyone, so we visited this village today to provide those who have not yet received assistance..

People are very grateful and ask us to come more often.

In just one month of this work, we visited 12 settlements and helped about three thousand people.

People say that the first month more charities brought help, now much less and people feel the need.

Thank God for His mercy on us, thank you Victor and Beverly for you and for all the caring Americans! Many Ukrainians feel your concern not on words but on tables 🙂

God bless you! And ardent greetings from Khust.


Yurishko Vladik
Yurishko Ivan
and the team of brothers and sisters of the Church of Salvation.

PS. I'm not in the photos, because I'm your eyes;)

God bless you.

Vladislav Yuishko

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