Michelle Landas – Luzon area scholarship


Michelle Landas  - Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English. Period of scholarship 2019-2023

My name is Michelle A. Landas, 19 years old from Manilla congregation.

College is not an easy journey, it takes a lot of hard work, time and effort. For almost 5 months of schooling, I've been into many different situations, I've learned many things and still learning. I will never get through all of these without my family, friends, church, LifeNets, and of course God.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to LifeNets for the scholarship and financial assistance. I am thankful the scholarship really helps me in so many ways. My parents don't have to worry anymore where to find money for my school expenses. I am glad that I don't have to worry them anymore.Matt 8:33 is  a favorite scripture and my motto in life, it motivates  me in all things that I do. If you put God first you will be blessed. This scholarship is a big blessing to me and y family and I will surely return this blessing someday in the future. As an aspiring teacher, I will let my light shine so that everyone will see my good works and glorify God in heaven. I will be an example to future students and touch their lives in good ways.  Thank you so much to LifeNets, to  our President Mr. Kubik, thank you so much!

One day I will return this blessing I have now in the future.

God bless.


Michelle Landos