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Maloca of Moscou Project in Northern Brazil

Providing Water, Scholarships, and Agricultural Support. Also mosquito nets.

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LifeNets has worked in Zambia since 2000

We have provided cattle, agricultural support, food security, scholarships, boreholes, orphan support and more!

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"Revival" Centre near Chernobyl, Ukraine

We have provided support for this Centre since 1996. It has become a premier center for helping children living about 30 miles east of Chernobyl in Chernihev, Ukraine. 


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What We Do

Education, Food Security, Water, Orphans, Agriculture, Cattle, Livelihood, Habitat, Wheelchairs, Clinics, Schools and much more….


August 1, 2020 ANGOLA Ambassador Bible College fundraiser for the construction of an elementary school in Luanda, Angola. Please look…..

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Malawi LifeNets Scholarship – Gloria Hamala

Here is another LifeNets Scholarship success story…this one from the Blantyre, Malawi area. I am writing this letter to thank you for your support during my studies at Malawi Institute of Journalism (MIJ). Through your support for three years. I earned a certificate in journalism and later on a Diploma in Journalism (which I am […]

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Revival Children’s Day June 1, 2020

We have worked with the “Revival” Center of Rehabilitation in  Chernihiv, Ukraine since 1996. We received this fine letter from them today. Today is International Children’s Day. June 1, 2020 Dear Victor and Beverly, On the first day of summer in Ukraine, as well as around the world, we celebrate the holiday of joy and […]

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Tu Scholarship Report from Vietnam

“I’m a student majoring in tourism and travel management. After graduating from university, I would like to work in the tourism department in a foreign embassy or consulate. I love exploring new places and interacting with new people. If I have the chance, I would like to go abroad for studying more or for work. […]

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Solwezi, Zambia May 2020 – Copperbelt

Derrick Pringle, pastor of Zambia’s Copperbelt congregations and his wife Cherry set out on  April 26, 2020 for a visit to their westerly churches in Solwezi and Mufumbwe.  They took truckloada of building supplies to finish some projects. In Solwezi they ordained Rodrick Epomba as a deacon. Everyone along with us rejoiced at this event […]

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Estonia Ergo Musica

LifeNets has helped  UCG member Artur Aleksandrov in Tallinn, Estonia with his efforts to provide comfort and entertainment for disabled people. He sends us this report about the new non-profit that he has started. April 10, 2020 Dear LifeNets board Another season of touching and emotionally fulfilling concerts is complete. This was our first full […]

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Operation Stop Covid-19

Operation STOP COVID-19 is a community effort led by SUPERB Industries, INC. and Stitches USA LLC. to provide products to support the national effort to bring the COVID-19 crisis under control. LifeNets supporter SUPERB President John Miller has asked us to make you aware of this service Stitches USA is a commercial sewing operation that […]

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Ukrainian Paraplegic Ivan Sobolev

LifeNets has been helping paraplegic Ivan Sobolev who lives in Chernihev, Ukraine, for the past ten years.  He has been a paralyzed for more than 10 years as a result of a diving accident.  His story is one of courage, not giving up and developing his skills.  We tell his story at https://www.lifenets.org/chernobyl/sobolev.htm He lives […]

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UCG Member working in Vietnam COVID-19 report

This is a report from Vietnam by UCG member Ryan Cooper who is from Terre Haute, Indiana where I once was pastor.  We are regularly in touch with him.  He previously worked in Cambodia and helped with the drilling of a LifeNets bore hole.  You can see links to our previous contacts at; https://lifenets.org/cambodia/ryancooper.html https://lifenets.org/se-asia-ryan-cooper/ […]

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Michelle Landas – Luzon area scholarship

FROM LUZON PASTORATE Michelle Landas  – Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English. Period of scholarship 2019-2023 My name is Michelle A. Landas, 19 years old from Manilla congregation. College is not an easy journey, it takes a lot of hard work, time and effort. For almost 5 months of schooling, I’ve been into many different […]

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