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LifeNets has worked in Zambia since 2000

We have provided cattle, agricultural support, food security, scholarships, boreholes, orphan support and more!

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"Revival" Centre near Chernobyl, Ukraine

We have provided support for this Centre since 1996. It has become a premier center for helping children living about 30 miles east of Chernobyl in Chernihev, Ukraine. 


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Maloca of Moscou Project in Northern Brazil

Providing Water, Scholarships, and Agricultural Support. Also mosquito nets.

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What We Do

Education, Food Security, Water, Orphans, Agriculture, Cattle, Livelihood, Habitat, Wheelchairs, Clinics, Schools and much more….


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Zambia Drought Food Relief 2019

We received this report about food distribution to stressed areas in central Zambia from Major Nawa Talama who is pastor of Lusaka and several other area congregations.        I write to report that Good Works funded drought food relief through Lena VanAusdle. 172 x 25 kgs of maize meal for 43 families were […]

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Gokwe, Zimbabwe New Tarpaulin

On June 30, 2019 UCG Zimbabwe pastor Mike Mukarati wrote about Pentecost services in Zimbabwe’s largest congregation, Gokwe. Forty people observed the Feast of Pentecost. Mike Mukarati lives in Mutare 466 miles away to the east on the border of Mozambique. Our people do not have a building and would be forced to meet under […]

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Gratitude from Blantyre, Malawi Scholarship Recipients

From Gracious Jr. Mpilangwe: Having received the LifeNets scholarship for the 2019/2020 academic  year, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you for providing me with  this scholarship. My name is Gracious Mpilangwe Jr, I’m a 21-year-old male and I’m from Malawi, Blantyre. I am currently in my second year […]

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Food Security – Chipata, Zambia

Filius Jere writes this progress report about our helping with food security in drought-stricken Zambia.  Sacks of maize are delivered.  Also, Filius is educating people about conservation farming.  From Filius: While most of Southern Africa blames Climate Change for their poor harvests, Chosiwe can afford to smile. She attributes her good harvest to conservation farming […]

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Chernobyl Leaders

Our relationship with Dr. Vasyl Paschnyk and his wife Natalia Zenchenko who are two of the original founders of the “Revival” Centre of Rehabilitation of Disabled Children in Chernihev, Ukraine, goes back to early 1996.  They have built an amazing rehabilitation center recognized highly in Ukraine and around the world.  They are highly qualified, but even […]

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Scholarship Outcome Joseph in Malawi

On 24th November, 2018, Joseph Mughogho from Malawi graduated with a Master of Science in Managing Rural and Community Development.“Every journey begins with a single step so they say”.  And within that journey two things happen, either you fall and wake up or you give up.  Most of all you meet people who actually encourage […]

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SE Asia – Ryan Cooper

Ryan Cooper lives and works in VietNam.  He has worked in other places, notably in Cambodia. When in the United States, he attends United Church of God in Terre Haute, Indiana.  He write to us in May 2019: Greetings from Southeast Asia, I wanted to share with LifeNets recent activities that have been accomplished through […]

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Ngilile, Zambia Unsafe Water Hole

Filius just sent this from Ngilile Village in Eastern Zambia.  This is not an uncommon water challenge.   Water from this shrinking pond is the sole water supply for the settlement…including drinking water.  Filius writes: Sir, You may doubt this, but over eighty rural households of Ngilile village and surrounding settlements compete with livestock for water […]

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