Seattle's Skyline Rotary Club James Bond Fundraiser

More than $11,200 raised for the JohJan LifeNets Academy in Migori, Kenya.

Hosted by the Skyline Rotary of Club of Seattle
Columbia Tower Club  76th Floor
April 17, 2010

Seattle, Washington

August 26, 2010     

LifeNets wants  to give special thanks to the members of Seattle Skyline Rotary Club  in Seattle, Washington, for their tremendous support and the successful fundraiser for LifeNets to build an Academy for students grades one through 12 in rural Migori, Kenya. The first phases of construction are in place and the school is operating with 90 students. When finished the school will accommodate more than 400 students.

The fundraising event was held on the evening of April 17, 2010 at the Columbia Tower Club located on the top floor of Seattle's tallest building -- with spectacular views of Puget Sound and downtown Seattle. We thank Rotary President Mark Griswold for his enthusiasm.  We also thank Rotary member Brian Lawrence, who has extensive fundraising experience, for organizing and conducting the live auction and Build A School paddle raises. Thank you, too, Rotary member Abraham Dairi who tracked the bids during the live auction and paddle raises.  A big thank you too goes to all the volunteers who gave generously of their time the night of the event, staffing the registration tables and silent auction rooms.  

A very special thank you goes to Catherine Brumbaugh, who coordinated many aspects of the entire event, which took countless hours to accomplish.  Catherine is a member of the Seattle Skyline Rotary Club as well as an active member and President of the LifeNets Puget Sound Chapter.

Lastly, we thank Devanni Partridge, Miss Washington, for coming to our event and promoting our mission to build a school for African children.   

Everyone's efforts paid off as LifeNets received $11,265.00 from the Event, which was raised by the generous Rotarians, local LifeNets supporters and Event guests!  Combined with $4000 raised last year at the Rotary/LifeNets 2009 fundraiser at the Columbia Tower Club, the local LifeNets Puget Sound chapter has been instrumental in raising a total of $15,265 in essentially 13 months!!!   FANTASTIC! 

THANK YOU to all who helped, donated auction items, purchased tickets and donated Event night via the Build a School paddle raises and buying auction items!  God has blessed our little Puget Sound Chapter -- we are small, but powerful through Him! 

Additionally, our monthly Children Helping Children Change for Change collection jar, which started January 2009, has raised enough money to provide much needed medicines and other support for 16 children in the Ukraine.  LifeNets information is available at the LifeNets table or  Updates on the building of the JohJan LifeNets academy can  be seen at

Enjoy the photos that tell the story of a most memorable evening!  

Victor and Beverly with Miss Washington, Devanni Partridge

LifeNets Puget Sound Chapter founder and first president, Larry Hardison


Seattle Harbor

Bond, James Bond

Evening registration

Looking DOWN on the Seattle Space Needle from the 76th Floor of the Columbia Tower

Brian Lawrence who really kept things moving throughout the evening

Dennis and LeeAnn Luker and Victor and Beverly Kubik

We all had a share in buying a part in building our school

Chocolate fountain

Devanni Partridge promotes our cause

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