Indianapolis NE and Lilongwe, Malawi Rotary Clubs partner to successfully complete Matching Grant 56603
Districts 9210 and 6560 were involved.

A 500 meter, 2 meter high security wall around the school areas was constructed around the Lilongwe Boys and Girls School

Posted April 20, 2007

On July 14, 2006 the Lilongwe Club sent the first photo of the "fence."  

The school which has 1000 students and 25 teachers had suffered a lot of vandalism because an increasing number of people passed through the school campus from a new development in Lilongwe to the city. The school is located between the main town center and the peri-urban township/squatter areas of Mnchese, Kawale and Chillinde. The school has been vandalized to a level where there is no glass in the windows, all school furniture has disappeared, and all classes from standard 1 to standard 6 sit down for the their lessons. Only the secondary school has a few pieces of furniture and even then some pupils have to stand while others prefer to sit down. The situation was critical.  It was necessary to build a wall or as they call it, a fence, around the school to protect it from the workers to and from town.

Rotarian Victor Kubik along with his wife Beverly traveled to Malawi in September 2004 on a Rotary Individual Grant to assess any new projects and check on a previous Matching Grant project which provided two ambulances for two LifeNets clinics in Lilongwe and Balaka.  While visiting the Lilongwe Rotary Club a proposal was brought forward by Rotary president Bernard Zingamo to build a 500 meter six foot high wall to keep people from passing through the campus and damaging it further.

Matching Grant number 56603 was submitted by the Kubik's upon returning to Indianapolis from Malawi.  The total cost of the matching grant was $21,951

On November 21, 2005 the grant was approved and the wall was finished by summer of 2006. 

Victor and Beverly Kubik then visited Malawi in September 2006 and took these photos on September 29th.



School Head Mistress Hilda Kuhndi thanked our clubs profusely for the new wall!

Head Mistress Hilda Kuhndi

Children are mingled with workers walking through the campus

The children have desks the first time in years. The previous ones were stolen and cut up for firewood.

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In September 2004 we visited the Lilongwe School to investigate Matching Grant for the Wall

Bev Kubik with headmaster

Lilongwe Rotary Club meeting

Most window glass is broken


Lilongwe Rotary President Bernard Zingamo discussing the new "fence" with Bev Kubik

The Headmaster's Office

Most desks have been stolen or vandalized