Scholarship Program Graduation in Malawi

Bev and I feel very grateful for the outcomes of the LifeNets Scholarship Program. Here is a report by LifeNets representative Daniel Ringo in Blantyre, Malawi who sends this report about the graduation of Rodgers Chonde: 

On 13th April 2022 there was a graduation ceremony held by the University of Malawi in Zomba (Southern Malawi) where 2 of our beneficiaries graduated. Rodgers Chonde is one of them. Herein I quoted the letter he sent to me earlier today

"I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to LifeNets scholarship program for financing my Academic endeavor. This scholarship was offered way back in 2016, throughout my course up to March, 2022. By then I was just selected to start my tertiary education in one of the most prestigious government college in Malawi (College of medicine). I was enrolled to commerce an Honors bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy. A course which runs for 5years with an additional 1 year of internship. It was a challenge for my parents to finance my education even at just a thought of it. But by God’s grace LifeNets privileged me with a scholarship program to pursue my academics.

Throughout this course, the scholarship has been a framework where I have been leaning on. Financing my academic expenses in due course, rendering me full unwavering support. In addition, as a scholar I have had a wish to have a paper with a good class, and today I would like to say with gratitude that I have an honours degree with second class upper. All these were possible through this priceless Scholarship program. Therefore, I pray that this scholarship may continue be in the shoes of underprivileged scholars in order for them also to realise their dreams. 

Rodgers Chonde "  

Rodgers Chonde

Rodgers Chonde