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UPDATED March 7, 2011

As part of our Developing Nations Scholarship Program, LifeNets decided to help some of its students with laptop computers support. We have helped in this in some of the countries we provide scholarships.   Some courses of study are quite computer intensive and to have access to crowded computer labs often with outdated computers was not helping their studies. A laptop computer accelerated their education.  We always provide a backpack so that the student can keep the computers close by.  In some cases we have also provided a bicycle to help the students with transportation to school.

Some of our students tell us about how a laptop helped.  Here are a few stories from Malawi

UPDATED March 7, 2011

A Happy Conclusion to a LifeNets Scholarship Experience

From our student, Cephas Chapamba who describes his graduation and future


Graduate Cephas Chapamba with his wife Patrica

The graduation was held at Malawi Adventist university, Lakeview campus, a constituent college of Malawi Adventist University which is affiliated with Ballaton University of East Africa and its headquarters in Kenya.  The graduation took place on Sunday 26 September 2010. The graduation saw me getting out of the college corridors with a Diploma in Clinical Medicine. This will benefit me a lot in the sense that my salary with the government will rise, my responsibility at work will rise, my chance of expanding my business has increased to almost 100%,above all the community I am saving will stop travelling long distances in search of medical services since they have one  right in their community. Is this not wonderful?  There are a lot of benefits that could even feel this whole page, but the issue is that the LifeNets has managed to bring a Clinical officer to the Malawi nation and to UCG. My study period is 18 months intensive class work and 12 months work experience which will end in June 2011. All this with funding from LifeNets.  Oh what a nice organization!

If you see properly you will see that almost four faces are dominating the pictures the one in black suit is me (Cephas) and a lady with a purple suit and a white hat is my wife Patricia she accompanied me to the ceremony since we are one body. The other man in yellow shirt is my best friend now at Nkhotakota and the other lady is his wife. (photo below).

You would be surprised to hear that we did not know this family until I went to school but when people see us, take us as brothers, we visit their family and they also do the same, this means that in addition to getting my diploma, the school has helped me add to

the number of family friends. Others are friends and relatives who came to witness the occasion, the notable names to you could be Gift Chikwera and Kennedy Nyalubwe, and do you know that without your camera which was given to Gift just 12 hours before graduation I would have a graduation without photos?            

You would also be interested to know that after this diploma I have opened a lot of market for the clinic  I own. I will now be able to start inpatient department, to open a maternity wing, to do some operations like hernia repairs, Caesarean sections, just to mention a few. The government of Malawi has offered me a job which shows that despite being in private sector the Malawi government is still benefiting directly from my services.

Its exciting, I could write pages, all this is to show my appreciation to LifeNets, God bless LifeNets!

Good day,


UPDATED November 11, 2010

From Malawi:  On September 20, 2010 we visited one of our scholarship students at the Malawi Polytechnic College. His name is Madalidso Kazembe (on the right) and the Dean of Students. Madalidso is a very special young man from a small rural village.  He grew up with no electricity and no running water. Studying after dark is not possible. Now, he is studying electrical engineering and doing very well.  We were really impressed by him and his desire to better himself.  Bev and I brought over an extra unallocated  laptop computer and decided to give it to him.  In technical studies, ones own personal computer accelerates learning because you don’t have to stand in line to use the computer lab at school.  We met at the Dean’s Office, Nellie Katenje who was very impressive.   

Madalitso wrote to us:

"I would like to thank you so much for every effort you are conducting in order to transform me into someone else. This means that to appreciate this, my performance has to be as good as possible. But, to achieve this requires one to have enough resources. This is so because as far as college students are concerned, lack of enough materials in one subject can be a contributing factor to poor performance is all subjects.

"I am finding problems in performing better in Computing Engineering which involves designing engineering programs. As far as electrical engineering is concerned having no computer is like walking without seeing where you are going. Now my request from you si that I I may have a laptop then life will be very easy. The laptop can assist me in the following fields:

  • "Perfoming better in computer course (engineering programming) which istgo be acovered from now up to my final yhear.

  • "Can be an easy way to communicate with you the Internet

  • "Library books are not enough in the library so having a laptop menas you can have your own library by installing books in it.

"Lastly, let me thank you very much assisting me accordingly."


From Ukraine: This is Gabriella.  I want to let let you know that I really enjoy studying at the Monada College in Khust. My studies are very interesting.  I thank you very much for providing me with the means to this eduaction.


Below are photos of Gabriella and her classroom in Khust, Ukraine:

Gabriella's classroom


I'm Rhodrick Haiton Thungula, 28years old. I live in Lilongwe, Malawi. I have been supported by LifeNets since I started my Career in the construction industry. I started schooling at Lilongwe Technical College in 2007 where I've been studying Construction,of the City and Gilds of London. My work duties includes Designing and Drawing Construction working drawings, supervising construction works, calculating building quantities estimate. I use different computer packages for drawing and calculating estimates.

All through my education, I've been studying on campus as well as on sites as part of my career attachment and exposure.

LifeNets has helped me cope up with life demands and standards,since I can now get a job easily and am recognized in the world of construction. I thank LifeNets and all those who are behind it for making it possible through this organisation, not forgetting those who are coordinating this program right here in Malawi especially right here in Lilongwe. At the moment a'm able to support my younger brothers who are still schooling and needs my support and my mother at home.

I thank God and am not ashamed to say my future is brighter than ever before and my progression route is on my career is open. I'm the kind of person who desires to go further with studies and this has given me a good platform. I'm holding an advanced technician diploma in construction of the city and gilds of London Institute.

Lastly I thank all LifeNets stakeholders for making it real, by the grace of God.

Rhodrick Haiton Thungula

UPDATED October 29, 2010

We are happy to feature photos of our Developing Nations Scholarship students.  This is Edita Danko who was part of our Vinogrdov Street Children Program since 2001.  We are happy to see her development and see her aspiration for a higher education and a brighter future.  

UPDATED October 27, 2010

Parents Samuel and Rodia Siopan writes about LifeNets scholarships granted to his two sons Timothy James and Andrei who live and study in the Philippines.  The parents currently live in New Zealand:

"I am so pleased to share some good news about our sons school's development  in their school and church activities.  First, we really had a good bonding time with our family in the Iloilo Feast site in the Visayas area.  We were so blessed, that my wife and I were able to attend in the Philippines to be with our families. Our sons didn't have a hard time in taking off from school since it coincided with the university's sportsfest week. 

Exams were scheduled this week for the final term for the first semester.  They have been doing well in their academic pursuits and positive outlook in life.  Our eldest son, Timothy James still joins the engineering club while Andrei joins the environmental club because some school clubs have a meeting on a Saturdays. This year's FOT were a big surprised to us, because they were both active in joining and volunteering in the different assignments for the Feast success.  TJ was doing the sound system every services, joined the Family Night dance presentations and encouraging the youths to participate in the festival activities.  Andrei was active in the festival choir and the Family Night's comical skit, dance and singing rendition.  As parents, we can't helped but be amazed with their talents and participation.  LifeNets has done a good job in helping our youths future thru education and the church leadership in helping them grow physically, mentally and spiritually.  Thank you so much Sir for helping us in their education and we'll be praying for continued blessings for LifeNets.


UPDATED October 18, 2010

Meet one of our newest program students. She lives and studies in Armenia. 

From Ani Poghosyan in Yerevan, Armenia:

"I started my studies at the end of August in Yeriwan. Since my father  already taught me some German, I am doing well in my German course, but  I am also doing well in English. I am able to live with my aunt here in Yeriwan. That saves me money since I do not have to pay anything for room and board.

My parents and brother live in Gyumri which is 120 km away. Even though that might not seem far away, I do not visit them often because I have to travel by bus and there is no schedule for buses to Gyumri. You simply take a seat on the bus and wait until all the seats are taken, and only then does the bus leave. So I only will visit home when I have several days since bus travel is not reliable time-wise.

I appreciate the opportunity given by LifeNets to study and obtain a degree in modern languages. Thank you very much.

UPDATED August 28, 2010

Here is some current news of new students receiving funding from the the LifeNets Developing Nations Scholarship Fund. We thank everyone who has supported our Fund to help these people have a future!

First, from Ukraine. Here are two young ladies who have been part of our Vinogradov Street Children program ( We are now happy to see them move on with an education that will give them a meaningful profession.  Both have enrolled at a Khust, Ukraine Monada technological school and are studying in a three-year dental technician program. We particularly thank the Scharpen Foundation for helping specifically with these young ladies.

Gabriella on left, Edita above


From our new student Innocent in Zimbabwe:

"I wish to thank you for helping me with my studies through LifeNets. I am so excited to enroll for my CFA level II studies. Thank you very much!

"I passed my Level 1 Chartered Financial Analyst Program with flying colours. I can send you the result transcript if the one i sent you did not get to you.  I am now looking forward to progressing to Level 2. Job opportunities are very rare in Zimbabwe and I keep praying for a breakthrough."

From Kenya:

Linet is a Bachelor of Arts student at the University of Nairobi and is doing her 2nd academic year. She does most of her studying at home; goes to the university during the months of April, August and December when the rest of the students are on recess. She tells me her classes involve carrying out revision with the lecturers and then taking an exam. If one scores good grades, one is allowed to proceed with the following semester. If one does not score good grades; one is allowed to redo the paper in question. Thankfully Linet has been doing wonderfully well. 

Her first vision was to train as a Nurse, but she knew that would conflict with Sabbath-keeping and present unnecessary challenges. She prayed to God and he guided her current choice.


Linet tells me that her vision of University level education nearly collapsed. Her husband was more than willing to do everything possible to help her. Due to a low salary, he was forced to apply for loans to educate her. When Rose Helen McDowell and Judy Servidio appeared, their application for loan had been turned down twice. They were making plans for the 3rd attempt when help finally arrived. She remains very thankful and agrees it was a miracle that God performed in her life. She is very touched by the generosity of the brethren behind her scholarship. “May God bless them bountifully”, she says.

Linet tells me she will now be preparing for the 5th Semester which ends in Dec 2010, followed by the 6th semester that ends in August 2011. Completion of the entire course and graduation is expected by end 2011.

In May this year; she will be expected to look for a school to allow her field attachment for Practice.

Linet is very thankful to God. She has seen His hand in her life and continues to expect more miracles from Him. She and her husband, and indeed the whole family, say a a big thank you from the heart to the team sacrificing for this scholarship.

UPDATED March 3, 2010

We are starting a Ruth Ann Cleveland Memorial Developing Nations Scholarship Fund as part of LifeNets.  Ruth Ann was a marvelous supporter of LifeNets and the people we serve while she was living.  You can donate towards scholarships via her fund.












February 9, 2009

January 7, 2009

Clip of LifeNets Developing Nations Scholarship Fund students below. See testimonials from young people whose lives are transformed by LifeNets. 


From Timothy K. in Malawi--January 6, 2009

LifeNets has really changed the lives of many people I know in my country Malawi. Indeed, most of them had no hope for better education but because of LifeNets grants and scholarship, their future is certain. They say it is better to teach people how to fish, than give them fish!! Thanks to LifeNets!!

MORE Scholarship stories:

July 13, 2008

LifeNets had sponsored my last semester of studies for ND Mech Eng, I would just like to inform you that i have passed all my current studies and appreciate the assistance.
I am now currently seeking my 1 year in-service training to complete my qualification.
Andre Coetzee

July 6, 2008

Helping former orphan Godfrey (left) with his studies at School of Mines in Zimbabwe.





October 22, 2007

Just a word of thanks for the financial assistance via LifeNets towards my studies in the Mechanical Engineering field.  It is much appreciated.
Andre Coetzee
Durban, South Africa  

October 22, 2007

LifeNets is expanding it's Developing Nations Scholarship Fund to Kenya.  More information.

Updated August 1, 2007

From Bervin and Sylvester in Zambia:

I’m so thankful and feel privileged for the opportunity you have given me to achieve my dream on attaining a higher education. Without your great compassion and ineffable feat this would never have been possible. 

All contributions to the Developing Nations Scholarship Fund are tax deductible. Donations can be made to

3707 Turfway Ct
Indianapolis, IN 46228

I was accepted into the Zambia Insurance Business College where I am currently studying Insurance. And I am going work hard to get the best possible achievement of this wonderful opportunity.

Thank you so much for your support with other LifeNets donors for your great work which have improved the living standard of people throughout the world.

In addition, Sylvester started college in Lusaka, Zambia as well.  LifeNets purchased both young men bicycles to provide transportation to and from their school.

Cherisse from South Africa writes:

My degree is dedicated to my late dad and to my mum, and I would like to leave no stone unturned with regard to the effort I invest to my end goal. To date, I won the class medal for marketing and I have been chosen from hundreds of applicants to tutor the course, something which is very rare as only final year marketing honours students are chosen.  

This scholarship for me symbolises a breakthrough in terms of the huge financial constraints placed upon my mum. It would also provide me with peace of mind, regarding how my many expenses will be settled.  

My aim apart from achieving the best possible results is to shine my light to my peers and show Christ-like behaviour in all I do.

To every person who has the vision to invest in us who receive scholarships, I thank you, I salute you, and I pray that i too may be as fortunate as you to donate to this worthy cause.

November 17, 2006

Sharon Rao at graduation

Sharon Rao from South Africa graduated from the the University of Cape Town with a Business Science Honors Degree and now works for Shell Petroleum in Cape Town.   She won the class medal in her Honors class for the highest first class pass overall and her thesis won first prize in Marketing Honors 2005. Sharon says:

"My education has been my passport to the world. I have been tremendously blessed to have been offered an excellent job at at multi-billion dollar global company (Shell Pty Ltd.) Through my income I have been able to alleviate the burden of my widowed mother faced in supporting two children. My job has opened a new world of amazing opportunity, challenge and inspiration to me. The benefits of my education translate into every sphere of my life. I have become an independent, strong and open-minded person. My education has shaped me for the future."

UPDATED March 19, 2006

Diverson Chonde from Malawi is another LifeNets scholarship success story. He is from near Lilongwe, Malawi. That is where I first met him in July 2000.  He is married to Prisca and has two children.  He found his way to the United Kingdom to educate himself further so that he could provide a better life for his family.  He is actually is the chief of his community back in Malawi.  While he was gone his wife Prisca took over the chief's duties.

LifeNets helped Diverson with a few certifications in computer science while in the United Kingdom.  Here are few certificates that he earned. He is now able to have better work as he is continuing his studies.  He has brought his wife and children to the United Kingdom.  The photo is one that I took of him at Church services in Bricket Wood outside of London on November 16, 2002.  Thanks to all who support the Developing Nations Scholarship Fund that helps 60 people like Diverson to gain an education....a lifetime investment!

UPDATED December 29, 2005

Here is just one of the success stories from a program that has been sending nearly 60 young people such as Alida Pinto to University for the past four years.  We hare happy to see positive results and thank all those contributing to this program for their continuous support of this core LifeNets Program.

Here are a few words from Alida Pinto in El Salvador:

I have the pleasure to tell you that last week was my graduation. I'm finally an architect.
My graduation was really beautiful and exciting, I had the honor to speak in the ceremony and gave a speech on the name of my graduate partners. I had that honor because I had the best grade of my class. I send a few photos of my graduation. I hope you like it.
Thank you for help, thank you for everything. This was only possible because of your help.
With affection,

Alida Pinto.

Alida Pinto with her parents at graduation

Alida delivers speech at graduation

On the right is Alida with her diploma

UPDATED May 10, 2004

Thank you note from our seven students in Peru.

UPDATED April 15, 2004

Read about how the Developing Nations Scholarship Fund is making a difference for 18 students in Mexico.

UPDATED December 31, 2003

El Salvador students benefiting from the Developing Nations Scholarship Fund

April 4, 2003

For several years LifeNets has been helping deserving young adults in Latin America with scholarships.  We have expanded to other areas of the world, namely to Africa and Eastern Europe.  

We first established a means for young people to have better economic opportunity in Latin America. A vital key to achieve this is to become educated beyond secondary school. The alternative to an education is facing a 75% unemployment rate in an economy that pays a salary of $125 a month, for example, in El Salvador. 

The cost of going to university is unreachable for most young people in the Latin American countries where LifeNets works. Yet, by US costs, the rates are manageable. 

We started the first phase of school funding when visiting El Salvador in August 2001 when LifeNets awarded more one half year's tuition for 21 students to study at universities.  The cost was $4100 which provided tuition to study dentistry, architecture, accounting, marketing, law, business administration, computer science, education, and more. What value!  For what costs to fund a student at a good quality university for half a year in the United States, one can educate 21 students in El Salvador.

Along with concerned individuals, Ambassador Bible Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, young adults clubs, United Church of God congregations in Phoenix, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Lafayette IN, Charlotte, Bismarck, Wichita and other places, all joined in with fundraisers to finance the startup. LifeNets has helped finance three more students in Peru and Colombia. 

In addition we want to especially thank Mark and Linda Roth of Neosho, Wisconsin who have auctioned off a van on eBay and have given $2500 proceeds to our Developing Nations Scholarship Fund. This gift alone has paid for nearly one third of the college tuitions of 21 students in El Salvador!

In November 2002 net proceeds of $2500  from the 1993 Eurovan on left  were  used to provide scholarships for deserving university students in El Salvador. This will help them obtain a profession and a  decent and honorable living in a country where the unemployment rate is more than 50%. Be watching for the  next project that will continue to help further the education of deserving students.

Now we are expanding to to help in Mexico with six deserving young people. Their total cost of tuition will be $7200 for a full year.  This is new money that we will have to raise and would need broader support to maintain this along with the other scholarships. We feel that we cannot start helping young people and then pull away from our commitment.

Perhaps you or your church, service club or group would like to sponsor some of our needs below.  Please let me know by writing by writing me at

 As we fund the various needs in the countries we help, we will give full reports, accounting and letters from students about how they're doing. 

Each country will have a scholarship committee that will monitor the needs, report to LifeNets and make certain that funding goes only to students who are worthy.  We will publish the names of the students of each country and have them tell us how they're doing right here. 

We estimate that the scholarship fund will need about $25,000 a year to provide tuition money for about 30 students. Those are not exact figures, but close.  By working together we can provide OPPORTUNITY and HOPE that these young people would not have.  Would you like to help?