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Gabriella from Vinogradov, Ukraine

We will be offering updates of some of our students so that you can see what is happening in their lives.

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UPDATED July 18, 2013

A happy day, July 5, 2013 as our scholarship recipient Gabriella Schvets (red arrow) of Vinogradov, Ukraine receives her diploma for completing her technical school studies courses to become a dental technician. She is shown with her other classmates. We are so thrilled what this young lady has done as she has been one of the kids of our street children program in Vinogradov,

Gabriella writes to us:

Dear Victor and Beverly,

I have just finished my studies.  On Friday, July 6 I will receive my diploma.  Thank you so much for giving me such an opportunity to get an education. Next Monday I’ll be looking for work (dental technician) now that I have my diploma.  When I find work, I’ll send you a picture.  May God bless you. Thank you and love from Gabi.

Graduation Day, July 5th in Khust, Ukraine

UPDATED April 29, 2012

Here's a scholarship recipient that we are particularly pleased with.  Gabriella was part of our Street Children program in Vinogradov.  Her entire future has changed as a result of her ambition and receiving a LifeNets scholarship grant.  On April 25, 2012, she sent us several photos of her studying to become a dental technician and one who is able to make dental prosthetics, as they call them. 

She writes:

Dear Victor and Beverly.  How is your life? All is going well with my studies. In a month we are starting our practicum. We have a lot to do.  Right now we creating upper and bottom teeth and put them on stands. I really enjoy doing this. Here are a few photos of our lab. We want to hear from you....Greetings from all of us.

Gabriella on right


Gabriella on left

Original:  Доброго дня Віктор та Беверлі, як ваше життя? В мене з учобою все добре,через місяць будемо мати виробничу практику,ми скоріше закінчуемо навчання маемо багато роботи.Зараз ми на знімному протезуванні робимо протези на беззубі щелепи верхньоі та нижньоі,також потрібно зробити постановку зубів з зеркалом.В цілому маемо роботи багато.мені подобаеться знімне протезування. Зараз скину декілька фотографій ношоі аудиторіі... Чекаю листа, від нас привіт...

Earlier from November 2010:

From Ukraine: This is Gabriella.  I want to let let you know that I really enjoy studying at the Monada College in Khust. My studies are very interesting.  I thank you very much for providing me with the means to this eduaction.


Below are photos of Gabriella and her classroom in Khust, Ukraine:

Gabriella's classroom

UPDATED August 28, 2010

Here is some current news of new students receiving funding from the the LifeNets Developing Nations Scholarship Fund. We thank everyone who has supported our Fund to help these people have a future!

First, from Ukraine. Here is a young lady who has been part of our Vinogradov Street Children program ( We are now happy to see her move on with an education that will give them a meaningful profession.  Gabriella has enrolled at a Khust, Ukraine Monada technological school and are studying in a three-year dental technician program. We particularly thank the Scharpen Foundation for helping.