LifeNets Developing Nations Scholarship Fund Updates

Posted July 24, 2016


Monique Webster with husband Jason

We are so thrilled with the outcomes of the LifeNets Developing Nations Scholarship Program. It currently helps almost 110 students around the world at a budget of nearly $100,000 per year. The success stories are numerous. Here are just three stories showing the diversity of students and where they live.

From South Africa:

Dear Vic and Bev,

I have finally received my graduation photos!

Please accept a deep heartfelt thanks for the opportunity to have received a LifeNets scholarship to complete my degree. Without your support I could not have managed and I hope to be able to 'pay it forward' in the future when the opportunity presents itself. I was able to complete the degree of Bachelor of Psychology with distinction and am now registered with the Health Professions board as a Registered Counsellor.

With thanks and love,

Pretoria, South Africa

July 11, 2016

From Tonga in the South Pacific:

Bev and I were able to be with Alfred 'Osika at the Australian Leadership Conference from July 9-11 in the Gold Coast! LifeNets sponsored him to come to the conference as he benefited greatly from the content for leadership needs in Tonga. He was very appreciated for his scholarship and for coming to the conference.


Alfred 'Osika with Bev Kubik July 11, 2016 Gold Coast, Australia

Alfred James 'Osika is a reciepient of a multi-year scholarship. He attends the University of the South Pacific based in Fiji. There is a branch in Tonga, which is the only university in Tonga. Tonga is really a develiiping nation and it is very hard to make a living. This degree will enable him to support his family. who barely make ends meet but are diligent in doing what they can. 

Alfred wrote us earlier:

"This is James and I thank you and the group of women very much for the accepting of my application and the special fund raiser.

"My grandfather Mr Ha'angana started the church here in Tonga almost 50 years ago. He gave part of his land to be church property. During the Worldwide Church of God period the brethren were many, after the break there were only about three families left but they left to New Zealand years later. The brethren in Tonga now consist of 8 people (just my family)."

More background about James 'Osika

May 8, 2016

From Zambia:

I am schooling at Solwezi Nursing School in Solwezi, a northwestern province of Zambia. I am still in my first year and I will be in second year in July 2016. I am studying for a Diploma in Nursing,as a Registered Nurse (RN) for three years.

I am facing a challenge in terms of studying and communication,because I don't have a phone or a computer which can browse or have an access on the Internet. I would appreciate if anyone had to send anything which can have access on Internet. I am using a borrowed phone to communicate. I really thank God for what you people are doing for me,

May the Lord God Bless You.

Lazarous Zuzhi
Solwezi, Zambia

Photos below from Lazarous. sHis school.went for an industrial visit at NorthWestern Water and supply sewerage company.