It was a beautiful event on a beautiful day. This was the LifeNets Ladies Charity Tea was organized by Dr. Barbara Walls, an avid LifeNets supporter, in Piscataway New Jersey on June 22, 2008. 

Second Annual Charity Tea June 28, 2009

Sunday Brunch, Springfield Gardens June 27, 2010

LifeNets Orphan Care Centre in Balaka, Malawi

This young girl by the name of Matilda Fiaei came to the LifeNets Orphan Care Centre at age two weighing eight pounds.  She is now (June 2008) eight years old, in school and doing well. Her story inspired Dr. Barbara Walls to hold the June 22, 2008 Ladies Charity Tea.

When asked what prompted her to give this charity tea, she responded: Those of you who know me know that gardening is my absolute passion and it is when I am in my garden that I feel closest to God. It was one of these very ordinary days as I work in my yard....and thanked God for His precious gift of life...that the idea was dropped into my heart to give a tea for LifeNets.

My first thought was that I had been in the sun too long! Still, but the time I had finished my work in the yard several hours later. I knew that giving this tea was something I was supposed to do.

Over time, though, I have gone from feeling this tea was something "I was supposed to do" to feeling honored to be a part of such a worthy effort to help others. And God indeed has provided all I have needed to host this tea.

Now, above all, He has provided a beautiful summer's afternoon for us to share with friends!  

The event was well-attended and featured music, dainty sandwiches, scones served with clotted cream and pastries....and tea!  The china and glass made this a class event. Not a bit of paper ware or plastic was to be seen. The printed program was absolutely beautiful.

In the course of the afternoon tea Victor and Beverly Kubik spoke about the various LifeNets projects and answered questions. The project that captured the heart of Dr. Barbara was the LifeNets Orphan Care Centre in Balaka, Malawi. This project has saved the lives of many orphans under age five. One saved orphan was a little girl who weighed only eight pounds at age two and about to die. In the program she was brought back to normal weight and health.

Two violinists played classical music throughout the afternoon.  Two soloists sang inspirational songs. The catering was superbly managed by Monique Battle.  Mr. and Mrs. Hewitt provided equipment for sound. Gloria Hobbins, Dr. Beryl Johnson and Shirley Shelhamer of the Charity Tea Committee provided invaluable support.

LifeNets wants to thank Dr. Walls and everyone else for making this day so memorable and for raising just about what it takes to provide food, medicine and other needs to 200 orphans for an entire year at our LifeNets Orphan Care Centre. That cost is $5000.

Here are some photos of the most enjoyable event.  Women were requested to wear hats and gloves.   

The weather was perfect for the event.

Norris Hobbins with LifeNets display

Dr. Barbara Walls and Beverly Kubik

  Ordinary People

Classical music filled the afternoon

See 45 second real audio video of the violinists

Beverly and Victor Kubik

Tammy and Bev

Beverly and Sarah Hewitt

Gina, Gloria, Victor and Beverly

Millie (Dr. Barbara's sister) on left

Gloria and Norris Hobbins

Hat judging contest

Dr. Barbara Walls addresses the guests

Displays about LifeNets projects

Dr. Barbara Walls expresses thanks to caterer Monique

Gina Collins and Barbara Walls


Beverly Kubik and Dr. Beryl Johnson

Appreciation by Dr. Walls to Dr. Johnson

Ronald Forbes sings Love Changes Everything

Dr. Walls expresses thanks to Shirley Shelhamer