Dr. Barbara Walls and Beverly Kubik

Once again, a beautiful Charity Tea was held in Piscataway, New Jersey on an ideally beautiful day. The chief organizer

was Dr. Barbara Walls again put forth a phenomenal effort to raise attention and money for disadvantaged children in Balaka, Malawi where LifeNets operates the LifeNets Orphan Care Centre. See a description of last year's Charity Tea for information about what makes Dr. Barbara Walls go through so much to help these children.

More than $4000 was raised for this coming year's efforts.  Two thousand dollars, however, was given to provide goats for the community.  Goats are very important for milk and meat. Orphan children under age five come to the Balaka Chizeni Clinic from two communities within walking distance where children are given a medical assessment, food and instruction for their guardians and caregivers. LifeNets has operated this Centre now for six years at a cost of about $5000 a year.  This essentially provides for the food and medicine.

We want to share the spirit of the Tea with photos, the program and a video clip.  Beverly and I thank Barbara Walls and all her supporters to make this a memorable event. Christian Davis, who was LifeNets representative in Malawi from January to March 2009 visited Balaka clinic and obtained some personal stories.  Here story is also in the May UCG United News.

The program stated with our signature song "Ordinary People."  Dave Johnson was the Master of Ceremonies and introduced Dr. Walls who welcomed the guests, including former Piscataway Mayor Helen Merolla. This was truly an inspiring event: It helped people, it helped focus attention on the work of LifeNets for orphans, it brought people together to focus on making a difference.  It gave LifeNets the resources and courage to continue its mission with the LifeNets Orphan Care Centre in Balaka, Malawi.

As I was on the way to Europe later that evening, I included the TEA in my Travel Blog.  You can read about it at http://www.travelpod.com/travel-blog-entries/victorkubik/9/1246334917/tpod.html

Go to our LifeNets Website to read more about our ongoing work in Malawi.

We give special thanks to these people who went above and beyond to make this day special:


  • Ms. Monique Battle

  • Mr. Ronald Forbes

  • Mr. Dave Johnson

  • Ms. Helen Ahn

  • Ms. Jaehae Lee

  • Ms. Anita Christian

  • Ms. Aaron Daniels

  • Ms. Pamela Daniels

  • Ms. Linda McNeal

  • Ms. Barbara Green

  • Mr. Greg Walls


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Tables were set for more than 60 people attending the event

Barbara and our musicians

David Teague and Victor Kubik

Bev and Tammy

Volunteer Shirley Shellhammer

Vic, Bev and Tammy

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A Handout. See Entire Handout
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Much of the information was taken from Christina Davis' mission to Malawi from January to March 2009.  See her blog at http://www.travelpod.com/travel-blog/davisc./1/tpod.html

Former Piscataway mayor Helen Merolla makes comments

Master of Ceremonies Dave Johnson

Ron Forbes sings signature song "Ordinary People

See short clip of music

Barbara, Vic and Bev

Rutgers University

Matilda Fiati in September 2008

See more about her at


This young girl by the name of Matilda Fiati came to the LifeNets Orphan Care Centre at age two weighing eight pounds.  She is now (June 2008) eight years old, in school and doing well. Her story inspired Dr. Barbara Walls to hold the June 22, 2008 Ladies Charity Tea.

Matilda Fiati -- on the left in September 2008.  On the right on October 2004.