Update from Jed Sy in the Philippines Jan 14, 2022

From Mindanao, Philippines:

Letter from Jed Sy, received Jan. 14, 2022:

To all my dear brethren,

I am expressing my apology for not being able to respond to each of you but I want you to know that every card, every letter I got from you is very much appreciated, especially to those who diligently share to me your stories and for uplifting me and my brother Jong. 

Victor Kubik, Jed Sy and Earl Roemer on July 14, 2013 visit

Jed Sy

Please allow me to share with you an update of our case. With God’s mercy, we have our new legal counsel. He studied thoroughly our case and it took a year for him to come up [with] the petition for certiorari [to petition the Supreme Court for a review of the case]. Please continue to pray for our soon release. Jong and I are patiently waiting for God to grant our longed-for physical freedom and justice.

My sincere gratitude for your endless prayers and thoughts for me and Jong. I am really hoping that soon we’ll see each other. My gratitude especially to our church President Mr. Victor Kubik for his all-out support to us through our senior pastor Mr. David Dobson and his wife Ma’am Denise. May our great awesome God continue to strengthen His people as we strive to enter the narrow road to eternal life.

Sincerely in Christ,

Jed Pilapil Sy

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