UCG Youth in Springfield, Missouri
 Net $200 for "Revival" Centre in Chernihev Ukraine

Posted November 16, 2005

Karissa Carter, Josh Prince, Ethan Prince, Kevin Carter

The Youth Education Class of the United Church of God in Springfield, Missouri decided they wanted to raise money for a special needs project by sponsoring a "Penny Fund." Several projects were researched and submitted  and they chose to the do the "Revival" Centre in Chernihev, Ukraine since they appreciate the needs of the children, the fact that heir names were to be plaque and and that the amount to achieve this honor was only $50.

Ethan Prince, being the eldest of the group, was given the responsibility of keeping tab of the progress and reporting t the amount periodically. His brother, Josh, was give the responsibility of mailing a poster to help the display. Kevin and Karissa Carter were given the responsibility of supplying a receptacle for the donations.

On of the men, Warren Ott, used his sermonette time in church inform the congregation abou the youth proect, the purpose and needs of the "Revival" Centre, and the Penny Fund.

An announcement was made to clarify that other change could be donated besides pennies but requested that no bills be donated. No time was set to receive donation, just the $50 goal. The was reached so quickly that we extended the time for the project. Ethan kept the youth informed as to how the fund was goring and when the time was up they had "almost" $200, lacking only a small amount that was readily supplied.

The youth wanted to have a direct part in "doing" as the scripture indicates in Matthew 24:46  "Blessed is that servant, whom his Lord when cometh shall find so doing."

(For more about the work that LifeNets is doing in the Chernobyl area, please go to www.lifenets.org/chernobyl We have been helping the "Revival" Centre for nearly 10 years.)

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