LifeNets Wheelchair Project Update with 2020 report

The LifeNets Wheelchair Project ( has been in continuous existence since 1999.  It is currently managed by Michael Kubik who writes this report: 

In 2020, the LifeNets Wheelchair Project was able to help those suffering from MS, paralysis, COPD, etc. by transferring wheelchairs and other medical devices all over the US. We had another record year in matches which totaled 109 including medical beds, all types of wheelchairs, hoyer lifts, ramps, etc. Below, is a testimonial and picture from Claire Peng, a social worker who used our website to match a wheelchair for one of her clients:

“ Thank you so very much for your effort to connect us with a potential donor for the power wheelchair. Thank you so much for everything you did for us and my patient. He is super happy and super appreciative of all kind gestures from the community. My patient is like a kid right now exploring/enjoying the community with his new chair. He finally is able to get out of his house.

“I work at Chinatown Service Center in Los Angeles, a non-for-profit organization to help the underserved population. My patient, Michael was not be able to get around, maintain a desired level of physical independence, and complete his ADLs/IADLs without the use of a power wheelchair. Due to various insurance requirements/denials it has been so difficult to do that for this patient. He does not have anyone to care for his daily needs and has been struggling during the COVID 19 pandemic. Over the years, walking a few steps causes him excruciating pain. This patient was desperately in need of a power wheelchair to continue living his daily life, and you guys came into his life and made his life so much happier.

“I have informed the donor that my patient has received a donated power wheelchair from him this morning. We had the professional mover to help us pickup/drop off the power wheelchair. We are super thankful for his generosity on his donation. 

“Thank you once again for your kindness!”

Wheelchairs and   Here is a history of the LifeNets Wheelchair Project