Wheelchair for stroke victim

This is a success story about a typical wheelchair story from a kind donor to a grateful recipient. The story of the chair's donation is on this site at https://lifenets.org/nice-wheelchairs-come-lifenets/

The chair was stored for about two months at the United Church of God home office.  On August 24th, the family of the recipient came by to pick it up.

Here is the note we received from the family.

Thank you again so much from the Freeman family for your generosity.  

I told my Mom and Dad about your wheel chair. My Dad had a major stroke a few years back. He has severe disabilities from the stroke and he is only 58 years old. My parents are on an extremely low budget as he had to retire and live on disability. He will come along with us to pick up the chair and wyou can meet him for yourself. He actually cried a little when I told him of your chair because he would love the independence.  

Jacob Freeman