World to Rebuild Rural Ukraine (WRRU) Anniversary



Roman Grynyshyn.

Dear Ambassadors and all good people!

Please share this message with your colleagues as this is the only way we can deliver the truth about Ukraine and people, who are really in need.

1 Year WRRU anniversary April 7, 2023

A year ago we were addressed by a daughter of the German farmer with a request to pass the donation to Ukrainian war refugees. Regina Lindlmeier wanted us to make sure the money gets to those, who are most in need. This is how we discovered a totally unprotected stratum of the Ukrainian society - small farming families in the rural areas of occupied regions.

Thank you for all your support and interest to the matter and for having been with us all this time.


On April the 7th at 8:00am we inviting you and your friends to our Anniversary BiWeekly.

During this major event we will report about results of the year of WRRU work, share the first-hand experience from the visit to the liberated part of Kherson oblast and share the collected opinions about the upcoming agricultural season of 2023.

In addition to the traditional content blocks, this year we will be sharing with you the cultural facts from the life of Ukrainian rural citizens with historical background. This time we will tour the traditional Ukrainian pottery of Iaroslav Chabaniuk, located in the downtown of Kyiv!

Detailed plan of the session:

  • War Updates;
  • anniversary of liberation of Bucha and Irpin;
  • “To plant or not to plant?” How farmers will hold the planting season;
  • export updates: Grain corridor, “Grain from Ukraine” initiative;
  • the visit of our coordinator to Kherson oblast;
  • WRRU updates: new aid recipient;
  • Report on WRRU donations collection and accomplishments within a year.


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