Church Building Project

Christians of the Sabbath Day
Khust, Ukraine

Posted January 6, 2013

(See Opening of new church building January 3, 2015)

Khust Church Building December 2012
Khust Church Building December 2012

We have become involved in the workings of this building project of our friends in Ukraine with whom we've been associating since 1991. We have a common faith and spiritual orientation. Over the years we've sent several missions to Western Ukraine working with humanitarian aid (eye glasses, dental and medical), ESL (English as a Second Language) projects, youth camps, orphans, street children. Now, The Scharpen Foundation ( has contributed through LifeNets to help with this church building project in Khust, Ukraine. A letter from the Church to the Scharpens appears at the end of this page.

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A building was acquired by the Khust church in the very center of Khust. Ivan Yurishko, project director, wrote the following to us in May, 2012:

The building was formerly a boiler house. It was 10 meters wide, 30 meters long and 5 meters high.  Next to it was built a three story building where there was a dormitory and office.

It was neglected for more than 10 years and was not in use. It was acquired by one firm in an auction from the regional government, but the city government contested it in court alleging that it was city property, not regional.  They were in court for 8 years over this…all this time the property kept getting more and more neglected and deteriorating.

When the lawsuit was settled, the owner sold it to us for a very good price, $32,000.  The land in the center of the town of Khust is certainly worth that much alone. We acquired the building on March 5, 2012.

The building was built in 1976 with brick, has reinforced concrete panels and a good foundation. It will have a nice hall for church services 10 by 30 meters.

The three story building (10 by 30 meters and three stories high) will be used in the following manner:

Floor 1 will be a home for people of elderly age.
Floor 2 will be for a school for children and youth
Floor 3 will be a guest house for travelers coming through

Maybe you could help us with this project.

We could also have an office here for LifeNets projects.

This could be a good location for our doing God’s work together in Khust.

This has been a big project for our church  and difficult for us to finance completely ourselves.   But, God has given us the building and will give us the wisdom how to use it for His Work

With God,
Ivan Yurishko


Here is the building progress with the most recent photos on top. Read commentary....

September - December 2012




August - September 2012






July - August 2012

June - July 2012

The photos to the right and below depict the work moving on in earnest after receiving money from the Scharpen Foundation. They had earlier worked only the the three story building because it was deteriorating rapidly. Now they had the money for windows and door frames for the main prayer halls.





May - June 2012




Working on the three story building

April - May 2012






March - April 2013






February 2012




May 2011






What the deteriorating property looked like about 10 months before the Christians of the Sabbath Day acquired it.


Letter of gratitude from the congregation of Christians of the Sabbath Day....

The original letter in Ukrainian...