LifeNets Izabal Project

Posted June 3, 2009

In 2003 Jon and Barbara Brightman from Chicago contacted LifeNets after seeing the work that we were doing in Guatemala with scholarships and livelihood development for the disadvantaged. The   Brightman's owned a 42 foot sailboat (right),  Friendly Confines which they sailed from Chicago and moored it on the Atlantic side of Guatemala near Esmeralda in the state of Izabal.

They were moved by the extreme poverty in Guatemala and wanted to help children, in particular, with shoes and school supplies as well as scholarships.  For almost three years the Brightman's organized fundraisers in Chicago and in cooperation with LifeNets were able to provide help to children in the Esmeralda area of Guatemala which is starred in the map.

The Brightman's produced a newsletter called Friendly Confines (named after their sailboat) to share their experiences with the Guatemala.  You can see them below as PDF's. 

The Brightman's are no longer able to go to Guatemala and redirected the balance of the Izabal funds for assisting families families in other parts of Guatemala. You can read more stories about our work in Latin America at

We want to thank the Brightman's for their compassion and interest in those less fortunate and for their partnering with LifeNets. Their compassion led to significant aid to help those who needed their help. 

      Jon and Barbara Brightman with Guatemalan Children

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