Khust, Ukraine Young People's Community Outreach

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Posted February 13, 2016

Vladislav Yurishko

We've had a long history of working with various people in western kraine...going back to my first meeting some who came to the United States in 1990 and then visiting where they came from in Ukraine in November 1992. That is about 25 years ago.

Our visits started about the time that Ukraine gained independence from the USSR. We have developed close bonds and friendships with people of similar faith and orientation and they have become as family to us. We have visited them many time and over the years have worked on joint humanitarian and educational programs.

At this time LifeNets would like to lend is support to a group of young people in Khust, in western Ukraine who has already started an outreach. Vladislav Yurishko is the organizer of this group and explains the purpose of this outreach:

Here is their plan as described by Vladislav:

In our city there are children in very disadvantaged families as well as orphans. We collect various useful and things for these kids. For example: hygiene (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo etc.) school supplies (pens, pencils, pencil, colored paper, clay, notebooks, notepads, etc.) toys, dolls and puzzles etc.) We put these items in a shoe box and distribute the boxes according to age.

Here is the young people's group involved in the community outreach

Age categories - boys and girls 

2 to 4years
5 to 9 years 
10 to 14 years

We plan to negotiate with US based organizations that have representation here in Ukraine for supplies hoping to save money on these supplies. 

We calculated the value of each package for the children and found it to be $10 a box. Items included were cooking oil, sugar, macaroni, buckwhear, butter, milk, flour, baked good and candy for children.


We also visit an old-age home. Our youth visits such a home twice a month. We visit with the elderly, sing Christian songs to them and bring them all baked goods and bananas.

We also visit an orphanage. The biggest need there constantly appears to be diapers.

Letter sent to me

April 15, 2015

Dear Uncle Victor,

We are the youth of our church in Khust who have a charitable project in mind. It is to help the poor and particularly families with many children. We want to provide them with food, some clothing and hygiene products.

We have been praying for this project to happen and God blessed us with the idea of ​​bringing joy to the poor kids. We give them boxes filled with shoes in different school appliances, toys, detergents and hygiene products that are useful and fun for kids. But because the bad economic situation in Ukraine, it's difficult for to handle because all these things and toys quite expensive. 

I came to the Spokane, Washington where my sister Nelyka and her husband Tolik live. I also visited my brother in Canada and I'm looking for things that are much cheaper than in Ukraine and unavailable in Ukraine that we can then put in gifts. I know that you are still engaged in similar activities and would like to ask you how you can get such things as toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, or anything else at little or no cost.

Thank you, I wish you God's blessings!


Vladik Yurishko.


June 3. 2015

On May 23 our youth visited a home for children and teens with physical and emotional disabitlies. It is the Вільнашський Дитячий Будинок Інтернат. We spent about $100 for help to them.

I wish you and your family God's blessings!

On February 10, 2016 Vladik sent us an accounting and more photos of their work. Here is what they were able to do for $500:

  • Visiting orphanage in village
  • Gifts for 25 poor children on the list of social. service and school lists
  • Helped 13 year girl, one of three children in the family
  • Helped family with disabled father with a 5 year old son.
  • Help disadvantaged family on Partisan street.
  • Help family on Vokzalna street.
  • A widow with 4 children
  • Help with a large family in Kriva
  • Help famiily with 5 children on Lviv Street with food
  • Help family and his sister on Wayda St.
  • Help family with 4 children
  • Help family girl 2 children and the mother is pregnant.
  • Clothing for orphans (jacket, two shirts, shoes) and food
  • Support for two teens whose father has problem with addictions.

You can see more about Vladislav's church Christians of the Sabbath Day at