August 2016 Maize Distribution to Alleviate Hunger in Malawi

Posted September 11, 2016

During the last week of August 2016 LifeNets representatives have been distributing maize that we have stored and are making available to families. There have been a few years of drought and we fear low yields bringing high prices. So, in June we purchased stocks of maize for distribution now.

Mrs Chipilingu and her grandson posing with Gracious Mpilagwe, pastor of Blantyre.

LifeNets thanks the Cincinnati East United Church of God for their generosity in sponsoring this specific project. You can see the former stories about LifeNets food security:

The assistant business and finance manager for LifeNets Malawi writes us and included the photos below:

Dear Mrs Kubik,

The distribution of maize went on very well, only three families are yet to collect their bags.

Below is a message from Mr. G.G Chakhaza:

"President LifeNets International......

I, Gilton Gwire Chakhaza and my grandchildren living with me here,send our profound gratitude and million thanks to you! On 24th august 2016 ,we received bags of maize which will take us up to next harvest. This has been my great relief. Please accept my thanks. GILTON."

The gratitude expressed by the beneficiary of the distributed maize were heartwarming at times as they were collecting their share of maize I wished you were hear seeing the expressions on their faces & listen to bountiful thank you words they had to say and how much they asked God to bless you and everyone who took part in donating the maize

Funds used to cover distribution cost are from the MK338,000 we received from Simpson foundation earlier this year

Kind regards

Daniel R Ringo
Assistant  Business & Finance Manager
LifeNets - Malawi

Arrival of 100 bags of maize at LifeNets office in Blantyre


LifeNets pickup ready to deliver some of the maize to beneficiaries

Mr. Lietet posing with his share of maize

Mr. Chiwaya standing far right and members of the Chimbuzo family

Beneficiaries collecting maize

Mr. Hussein carrying one of his bags