The Mandan, North Dakota LifeNets Triathlon

September 17, 2006

Well over 50 adult participants and children took part in the Mandan, North Dakota LifeNets Triathlon  The newly -formed North Dakota LifeNets chapter organized and ran the event.  Nearly $4000 was raised to support US and international and programs designed to help LifeNets mission to help disadvantaged and vulnerable people become self-sufficient and pass on their benefit to others. The entire weekend was a lot of fun and will help a cause.  THANK YOU!! from LifeNets. 

We were concerned about the weather with predicted winds of more than 40 miles and hour and wind chill of 28 degrees.  But, this is the NORTH.  It didn't seem to hamper the enthusiasm at all.  We started at noon instead of 9:00 am and simply had to wear a little more clothing...

 It was a great success with everyone having a great time.  Enjoy the photos below!

On Friday, September 15th Pam Redline, LifeNets North Dakota President talks about the Triathlon on Bismarck's KFYR radio that is heard in five states and two Canadian provinces.

Lynn Beiswanger gives motivating speech at the reception entitled “My Pain is Someone Else’s Gain.”

Ralph Redline gets things started Sunday at the Triathlon.

Race director Laura Schield gives instructions.

The Star Spangled Banner beautifully sung. Listen to it!

Respectfully listening to the National Anthem


As you can see the weather was a bit nippy


Participants of all ages

Team 100 taking first place



More Awards

David Fisher at the cash register





Vic and Herb

The wind was fierce

The last runner in


Hit Counter

The LifeNets North Dakota Chapter Board. From left:
Pam Redline, Laura Schield-Jyring,  Sarah Freije, Tracey Freije, Lee Algers, Victor Kubik, Jane Horien, Rod Freije Not pictured is Loretta Benedict who is below.

Pam Redline with Laura Schield, race director

Gloria David, public relations director for Bismarck's mayor John Warford greets everyone at the Saturday night reception at the Seven Seas Motel

Listening to speeches by Lyn Beiswanger and Victor Kubik at the Saturday night reception.

Lynn B. and Pam R.

Registration Sunday morning

Mandan's mayor Ken Lamont opens the Triathlon with a few words.  Mayor Lamont underwent quadruple bypass surgery this past spring, but pledged to participate in next year's Triathlon.

In the Triathlon biking follows swimming.  Debbie Simons and brother Gareth came from Winnipeg, Manitoba for the Triathlon



The Sherriff


Team 102

Herb Teitgen and Rod Freije

Tabulating the results