June 1, 2014 Benefit Concert a Success!!

Posted July 7, 2014

We are so thankful for the Charity Concert for Ukraine that was held at the Nisbit Park Amphitheater in Loveland, right on the Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail. Victorious and Rowdy and the Noisemakers performed sets. Between the sets Ukrainian dance troupe performed gypsy, Georgian and Ukrainian dances. It was all a lot of fun and raised $3000 for our Vinogradov Street Children Program that LifeNets has been supporting since 2001.

See a sample of the the performances and the event below:







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Enjoy an afternoon of music at the park, and
help street kids in Ukraine Sunday June 1, 2014!


United Church of God and LifeNets are teaming up with local bands The Victorious and J. Rowdy and the Noisemakers to raise money to help street kids and orphans in Ukraine. Special appearance by ZABAVA Ukrainian Dance Troupe.


A concert setlist featuring more than 30 songs—rock, pop, classic rock, alternative and more. Donations will go to the "Light of Love" Mission and Orphanage in Vinogradov, Ukraine.


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Nisbet Park Amphitheater, Loveland, Ohio
198 Harrison Ave, Loveland, OH 45140


1 p.m. June 1st

More about the Light of Love Orphanage

How LifeNets Founder Victor Kubik Came to Know About the Orphanage

On a visit to Ukraine from June 18-28, 2001, I [Victor Kubik] came across the work of a minister with whom I've been acquainted with off and on in the nearly ten years that I've been working in Western Ukraine.
His name is Vasyl Polichko from Vinogradov, a town situated very close to the Hungarian-Ukraine and Rumanian borders. … It has a high share of orphans and street children. 

Vasyl Polichko has been struggling to help them. I had not realized how hard he's worked until this…

Read the full story of how LifeNets founder Victor Kubik came to know about the orphanage here.

3 Grils

Light of Love Program Testimonials

by Oleh Kubik

The orphanage has quite a reputation. Local officials contacted the Polichko’s and asked if he could double the size of the summer camp to 100 kids. Sadly we had to turn them down. We did not have staff or finances or food to handle that amount of people. When asked why they were chosen, the officials responded, “Because you teach spiritual values. You pray. Have Bible classes.  You teach about God. Even though we don’t agree with your theology, you’re kids are happy, and well behaved. At other camps the kids can be hooligans running around. The Polichko’s take in at risk kids and still manage to keep order in difficult circumstances.

The mayor approached me and said. “These kids’ lives are hanging by a thread. Some of the kids’ parents have been murdered or died in accidents. Unless someone helps, their lives will simply become meaningless and purposeless. Any help, concern, attention or instruction you show them is greatly appreciated. We thank-you and Ukraine thanks you!!” Our instructions to the staff are to let the kids know they are not alone and there are those that care. I have not seen gratitude in our own country as I have seen it in Ukraine.

One child wrote: “More and more we see those getting jobs have a knowledge of the English language. This is a smaller and smaller world. Those that know English can work with Internet and get better jobs.”

Another wrote: “"Hello friends from America! My name is Diana, I want to say that I am so thank you that you helping kids from Ukraine and me also. I am thank God that I can to spending two weeks in camp with kids and wonderful people from America, because many kids haven’t this possibility. We are everyday eating good food, driving to different places and study English. I think that I learn more in two weeks in the camp than all my year in regular school. I am thank God for all of you in America and everybody at “LifeNets, God Bless You!""

I want to thank all those that have contributed their Time and Treasure to this program. You’re sacrifice has made a big difference in the lives of over 40 kids. I have been privileged to see up front and first-hand the remarkable growth in these children’s lives. Thanks and, “God Bless You!”

More Info on the Orphanage Project Over the Years


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