Lafayette DAY OF THANKS 1997

November 26, 1997 has been designated as Day Of Thanks. We will reach out to the local Breast Cancer Today Support Group of Lafayette, Indiana and again, as last year, to the children of Chernobyl, Ukraine who were vicitimized by this planet's worst nuclear accident. Our mission this year with the help of our local businesses, families and individuals, is to help those who have nowhere else to turn.

Please assist us by looking for the local businesses who display our DAY OF THANKS poster. Support them so that they will support us. If you would like to send a donation directly to to help these two worthy causes, make your check out to The Chernobyl Fund and mail to

Victor Kubik and news director/radio
personality Margot Walker at
WKHY-FM 93.5 after doing promotional
program "Insight" featuring this
year's Day of Thanks
(taken Nov 4, 1997)

P.O. Box 5222
Lafayette, Indiana 47903

Unless otherwise specified, your donation will be divided between the two groups we are

With news director Robbin Collins
at WAZY-FM 96.5 after doing
public service program "In Touch."
(taken Nov 4, 1997)

helping. Remember that your contribution is fully tax deductible. For more information about the progress of Lafayette's Day of Thanks. Contact these websites for more information:


We are grateful for the airtime we've been given for promotional and public service programming by Channel 18, WKHY, WAZY and WBAA.

Here is a brief description of the humanitarian work that has been done by Pastor Victor Kubik from the United Church of God in conjunction with the Pacelli Chiropractic and Health Potential Complex.

Relief is being sent to Ukraine and other parts of the world in using a Minnesota-based relief agency Compassion Humanitarian Relief working with US State Department programs such as Operation Support Freedom. Help also comes from more than 20 Minnesota hospitals and clinics, private donations and the Chernobyl Children’s Trust in the United Kingdom. Mr. Kubik is a board member of that trust which has sponsored lectures by renowned British surgeon Maurice Frohn who speaks about serious health problems caused by radiation from the April 26, 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

Victor Kubik has founded The Chernobyl Fund in the United States which has sent over $300,000 worth of relief to aid victims of Chernobyl who are mostly children. This relief has been in the form of medical equipment, medicine, food, money and clothing. The shipping is done by container through government aid programs. All aid has arrived to intended recipients. In the last 18 months Maurice Frohn and Victor Kubik have traveled to Ukraine three times and have supervised the distribution of aid. They are both members of the city of Chernihiv’s humanitarian relief distribution board that determines how the aid is to be parceled out.

Ukraine is bankrupt and can hardly care for the victims of the disaster, much less replace the damaged reactor at Chernobyl. This is not only Ukraine’s problem. It is a problem that will have to be solved by those who care about the health of our own children and this planet earth.

Information about their work in Chernobyl can be easily viewed on the WEB at

in the Ukraine section. Or you can go directly to the Chernobyl section at

In the past year Victor Kubik has shipped over $800,000 worth of aid to Ukraine. He is able to buy medicine at 6% of wholesale. Every dollar he receives in contributions he leverages over 30 times. That is a great value and an effective way to help people!

In the Chernobyl area he works in the city of Chernihiv with a children’s polyclinic and the progressive Medical/Social Rehabilitation Centre for Handicapped Children "Revival," the only one of its kind in Ukraine. To operate, it requires that 75% of its aid come from outside sources. We are proud to be primary supporters of this clinic and its dedicated doctors who were on the scene during the Chernobyl tragedy of 1986.

Support has also been given to Maurice Frohn and Victor Kubik by the British Ambassador to Ukraine, Mr. Roy Reeve who was invited to officially open the Center on the tenth anniversary of the nuclear accident which spewed out 400 times the radiation of the Hiroshima atomic bomb.

Stories about their work have appeared in the London Daily Telegraph and the Indianapolis Star News. Victor Kubik has appeared on numerous radio talk shows to explain the needs of victims in a country that cannot care for them.

Victor Kubik also send relief to a mission in Western Ukraine and has been actively involved in relocating over 200 Christian refugees facing death from Fundamentalist Moslem Tajikistan to a safe haven in Ukraine. Much of the aid sent to Ukraine has been for these refugees.

He also has been helping a clinic in Malawi and a rehabilitation center for troubled youth in Estonia.

In our local community Victor Kubik and Dr. Pacelli have begun assistance to the Breast Cancer Today Support Group, a member of the Indiana Face of Breast Cancer. This is a breast cancer advocacy group which is dependent on our personal resources and committed to educating the community, supporting individuals and their families who have been touched by breast cancer.

For more information about how you can help, please contact:

Dr Anthony Pacelli
Pacelli Chiropractic & Health Potential Complex
230-240 Professional Ct.
Lafayette, IN 47905-5105
Phone: (317)447-2222
FAX: 447-7051

With Margot Walker at Lafayette's WKHY-FM 93.5 following November 4 interview about our Day of Thanks. Radio program Insight aired Sunday morning, November 9th at 6:45 am.