$150,000 LifeNets Container 
leaves for Ukraine 
December 22, 1999

After two years of packing, sorting, storage, a ten ton, twenty foot container heads out from the warehouse of Jim and Sarah Osborn for Chernihev, Ukraine to "Ukraine Revival" Rehabilitation Centre for  Handicapped Children directed by Dr. Vasil Pasechnik. This was a tremendous team effort which included a diversity of people who collected and transported tons of life-sustaining humanitarian aid to suffering children, some directly as a result of radiation leakage from Chernobyl a mere 40 miles east of  the most dreadful nuclear accident in the world. Contributions for this container poured in from around the world, including Singapore and Holland. It included teen drives in Dallas/Ft. Worth. A substantial volume of equipment and supplies came from Warren and Joan Ott of Springfield, Missouri. Shipping is provided by the U.S. State Department.

Items on the way include examination tables, an x-ray machine, hospital beds, children's clothing, blankets, hats, school supplies along with developmental toys and tons of other medical supplies and equipment.

The final packing of 207 boxes was done by United Church of God members from Lafayette and Terre Haute, Indiana on Tuesday, December 21, 1999. 

In addition to this container, we are sending $60,000 worth of medicines and making a cash contribution of nearly $11,500 in cash provided by the International Chernobyl Children's Trust in the United Kingdom headed by Maurice Frohn.

I can safely say that for every dollar donated we have provide $25 of direct aid to intended recipients who we know well.  THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

I would like to give the following credit for their support of this project:

Victor Kubik

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