Container ship Zim Haifa left New York City on May 4th with our container below headed for Odessa, Ukraine and finally Chernihev, Ukraine.  Routing, stops and ship information below.


The Zim Haifa full of containers!

ZCSU8175670 HC/40' Container routing details :




  Date Place Vessel and Voy Remarks
Land transport to 15-apr-05 NEW YORK (NY)  
Place of Receipt 15-apr-05 INDIANAPOLIS (IN)  
Arrived at 23-apr-05 NEW YORK (NY)  
Loading Port 04-may-05 NEW YORK (NY) ZIM HAIFA/3 Estimated arrival date ILLICHIVS`K:30-may-05

Vessel name: ZIM HAIFA   Zim Voyage No: 3
Port Port Name E/W Local Arrival Local Departure
JPOSA OSAKA E 09-APR-05 02:00 09-APR-05 19:00
JPYOK YOKOHAMA E 10-APR-05 11:00 10-APR-05 21:00
PABLB BALBOA E 25-APR-05 05:00 25-APR-05 18:00
PAPAN PANAMA CANAL E 25-APR-05 20:00 27-APR-05 17:00
JMKST KINGSTON E 28-APR-05 20:00 29-APR-05 20:00
USSAV SAVANNAH (GA) E 02-MAY-05 02:00 02-MAY-05 23:00
USNYC NEW YORK (NY) E 04-MAY-05 11:00 05-MAY-05 23:00
CAHFX HALIFAX (NS) E 07-MAY-05 05:00 07-MAY-05 21:00
ESBCN BARCELONA E 13-MAY-05 22:00 14-MAY-05 19:00
ILHFA HAIFA E 17-MAY-05 22:00 20-MAY-05 13:00
  ODESSA, UKRAINE   Estimated arrival date ILLICHIVS`K:30-may-05   

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