Chornobyl Research by Dr. Yuri Sayenko

Table of Contents

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Fatalism of Post-Totalitarianism (S1) 

Fatalism and Fanaticism in Post-Totalitarian Socium (S2)

Socio-Demographic and Ecological Situation, Level and Way of  Life of the Population on Radiation-Contaminated Territories Ten Years After the Chornobyl Disaster (S3)

Ukrainian Population and Chornobyl Disaster: Face-To-Face Confrontation (S4) 

Groups of Victims With Particular Life Orientations (S5)

Chornobyl Victims and their Future (S6) 

Risks and Fears of Chornobyl Victims (S7)

One Decade After Chernobyl - Summing up the Consequences of the Accident (S9)

Simulation of Developing Models (S10)

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