LifeNets continues to support
 Guatemala Habitat, Livelihood
and Education Projects for the year 2002

April 25, 2003

We are happy to be continue helping needy people with basic habitat, livelihood development and education. A modest donation goes a long way to improve living conditions, create incomes through small businesses and provide scholarships for education that offers hope for a better living. LifeNets began working in Latin America in 2000.  Our first country was Guatemala.  The photos below tell the story about our most recent success stories that have made a difference for these families. 

Thanks for helping us continue these projects.

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      In Peten

A cement wall. Cost: $188

A cement sanitary and septic grave (an ecological sanitary). Cost: $188


Cement floor for the house and repairing the roofs:  Cost $288

 Above and below for home: a cement wall. Cost: $188

In San Marcos

 A cement floor for the building: cost $250

A cement floor for the buildings. Cost: $250

A cement floor for one room and walls: cost $250

Mrs. Rosita Hernández opened a little business of fruits and vegetables in the market. Cost: $125

In Guatemala City

Our first scholarships were awarded to two students in Guatemala City.  We are hopeful of expanding our scholarship program in Guatemala.

For the year 2002 LifeNets projects in Guatemala totaled:



Setting up small businesses


Construction Assistance






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