LifeNets 2001 Initiative
for the Philippines

UPDATED May 29, 2001

The Philippines held a successful camp program from April 22-29th.  Please take a look at photos and report.  Thanks for all who helped out with these projects.  Please click here for report and photos

UPDATED March 27, 2001

The Orlando congregation was able to donate some items for the last container going to Guatemala. They were thrilled to be able to do so. We also found a dollar store which had 7 cases of paperback Bibles ( 35 per case) which we  purchased and sent to the Philippines.  

Bob Jones, pastor

UPDATED February 7, 2001

LifeNets makes a $1500 grant for camp in the Philippines on February 1.  This is for the purchase of 6 10 man tents, 24 life preservers and 24 sleeping bags.  If you would like to continue helping us help in the Philippines, tax-deductible contributions will be gratefully received.

        LifeNets - Philippines
        P.O. Box 88165
        Indianapolis, IN 46208-0165

Also, a shipment of Bibles was made by Catherine Coffman and the Orlando, Florida United Church of God  Report by Catherine Coffman: 

January 17, 2001

We were able to send Mr. Ed Macaraeg 7 boxes with 35 Bibles per box so there are 224  (if I have done the math correctly) Bibles on their way to him. The Bibles cost $224.00 the shipping was close to $300.00. We received some monetary assistance from our local congregation for this effort, how much my Mom,  Mary, knows as she received the money and donations for both the Philippine project and the one for Guatemala. I believe we received enough money to pay for the shipping of the Bibles and that was good because we were not looking forward to paying for shipping as well as the bibles and packaging supplies:)

We shipped the Bibles as coming from the Orlando UCG congregation. 

I would hope the Bibles will get to Mr. Macaraeg within the next 4 weeks as we shipped them the last week of 2000 and they said it would take 6-8 weeks to get there. I am sure they will arrive without water damage as we took great care to make sure they would stay dry.

Catherine Coffman

January 11, 2001

As last year LifeNets wishes to help out with needs in the Philippines.  We were pleased to achieve our goals last year and wish to continue helping children primarily. The focus of this year's help will be youth camp which is held the first part of May.

Last year we supplied tents, shoes, sleeping bags, back packs along with other requested items such as medicine, cassette tapes and Bibles.  We were able to meet our goals for slightly under $1600.00.  

This year there is a need for more items for camp.  

Today, Suzan Johns, one of LifeNets directors, is shipping 

LifeNets will also be sending funds for them to buy 5--10 man tents and 24 sleeping bags, these items are necessary for them to be able to make their hike up the mountain. 

As far as the other items here is what is needed

5         10 man tents
24       sleeping bags
24       life jackets

We thought about obtaining these items here and shipping them, however, shipping to the Philippines can be problematic and the costs quoted for purchasing these items in the Philippines is quite reasonable. This would alleviate customs, pilfering, damage issues.  We can buy the ten man tents for $165 each and the sleeping bags for $25-$30 each.  We feel that we can accomplish our goal of supplying these much needed items for about $2000.

Suzan Johns, 
Philippine Project Director






We want to thank several people from last who performed extraordinary service in helping the Philippines: