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Philippines in 2000

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October 6, 2000 Update (last one for 2000)

For some time we have been aware of the needs of people in the Philippines.  With an May Children's Camp about to hold its second annual session, we feel compelled to help out with what we can.

Quick Update list 

I have been in contact with United Church of God pastor Ed Macaraeg who has been forthright with a list of needs of people that range from eyeglasses to Bibles to cassette tapes along with certain medicines.  But, the most immediate need is to supply shoes and camp equipment to young campers.  

Our strategy is to collect as much from donors and commercial retailers. We will be needing some money for shipping the items to the Philippines. We also will be using humanitarian shipping services, but they take longer and more involved.

Suzan Johns of Lititz, Pennsylvania is organizing collections for some of the needs. Click here for an announcement from her


Many of our members cannot afford to buy their own Bibles -- let alone a copy for each of their children. It would be good therefore if we can somehow provide for them. Even a good second-hand one will do. Normally, we  would prefer a NKJ version as their personal copy, but other versions may help. A minimum of 50 copies for now would already be a big help and much appreciated. philippine1.jpg (19164 bytes)

Blank Cassette and VHS Tapes   

A piece of cassette tape here costs $1; while a VHS tape costs $5. Since we need several dozens of these for regular duplication and distribution and considering the income level (for the employed about less than 1/40th compared to the average in the west; while many are under- or unemployed) it is somewhat of a burden. Perhaps, a box of each type will do. We will just keep on recycling it.

Can YOU help us by being a volunteer coordinator of these two areas?  

Click for announcement from Suzan Johns 

So, can you help? 

What we need are project coordinators for two areas.  Please let me know if you'd like to organize a Bible drive and a shipment drive of audio and video cassettes.  Please contact me immediately at and give me your telephone number so we can be in touch and I'll explain more how we'll accomplish these missions.

If you wish to make a contribution to this project, please send your tax-deductible donation to

    LifeNets  (The Philippines Project)
    P.O. Box 88165
    Indianapolis, Indiana 46208-0165

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