3rd Annual Boot Scoot in Ft. Worth, Texas
for LifeNets Developing Nations Scholarship Fund
March 6, 2010

Fabulous Soundpost provides music

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Posted March 8, 2010

The 2010 Ft. Worth Boot Scoot and Barbecue was a lot of fun and the most successful of the three that we've held here in Ft. Worth, Texas. It raised money for scholarships for in Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and other places.  

 About 145 people were registered for the barbecue dinner...up from 100 last year.  $6300 was raised for the LifeNets Developing Nations Scholarship Fund.

The evening started with a bbq beef rib and chicken dinner, followed great music from Soundpost, silent auction and presentation by Kelli Hogg, Bev Kubik and Larry Cleveland who established the Ruth Ann Cleveland Memorial Scholarship Fund that will be managed by LifeNets and was started with $1150 in donations.

The silent auction contained many valuable and fun items and was well-visited. The big items raffled off were a 42 inch TV, netbook computer and a cedar chest.


 YouTube clip of the Evening


Venue: Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame at the Ft. Worth Stockyards

Newest Bootscooter Elika

Brandon and Kelli

Larry Cleveland inaugurates Ruth Ann Cleveland memorial

Yummie BBQ dinner

The Auction

The Ruth Ann Cleveland Memorial Scholarship Fund established this evening

Bev Kubik speaks about what this evening is all about

Cowboys Larry Cleveland and Victor Kubik

Bev Kubik's comments:

Scholarships continue to be a main focus of the LifeNets Program. Approximately 40 students are being supported each year. The cost per student varies, but the  average cost is about $1500 or a little more each year.

Malawi continues to benefit from the majority of the scholarships. Later this year several will be graduating and we ask for your prayers that your investment in them will produce results In jobs and income. In impoverished families it is expected that one with an income will help to support other family members so that many can benefit from the education of one.

These quotes represent the sentiments of many of the students:

“This course means my life. It is going to enable me to achieve my goals. It is very important that one should get an education. Without this opportunity I don’t know where my life would be.  Once again, thank you!”

Another writes: 

“This scholarship helps me to go to school and learn what I would not have otherwise known. I will be an educated person and not dependent on others. I can then help others who are lacking assistance.”


“The scholarships means one of the ways I can build a better future. I would like this grant to produce good fruits like finding a job which will enable me to help others who are needy.

Lewis Salawila in Malawi has finished his course updating his accounting degree. The end result was a raise in pay and more responsibility.

Cephas Chapamba was given the opportunity to upgrade his medical studies. He has a successful practice and a very busy medical clinic. We help to provide funds for medicines. 

Others are working on teaching degrees and computer studies are very popular.

Thanks also goes for special help for this event:

Cherine Berg

Friends of LifeNets (you know who you are!)

Toby & Jean Shipman

Aaron & Katie Amsler

Doyle & Karen Welborn

Patrick & Maggie Burleson

Amy Wuerfel 

Faye Hull

Michelle Quant

Katrina Winant

Vic & Beverly Kubik

Dave & Lori West

Martha Sappington

Jose & Carol Rodriguez

Wynn &Kim Skelton

The Ya-Yas – Gay Oren, Jane Carpenter, Robbie Hansen & Pam Bender

David & Anne Wilson

Larry Cleveland

Jerry and Catherine Girard


Mike & Dianne Web


Oliver Hooser











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