Guatemala Update
Another Livelihood Development Success

September 14, 2004                          to LifeNets Latin America Home Page

LifeNets director Luis Mundo from Guatemala writes about the latest livelihood project Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

"I am sending you photographs of a project LifeNets undertook with Jaime Gonzalo Ortiz. Mr. Ortiz had lost his business in El Salvador where he used to live. He came to Quetzaltenango, Guatemala and began a new business which LifeNets has helped him with. The photos below tell the story.

The project is to make "atole" which is ground seed.  This he, then, sells. He was without work, now he buys seed, grinds it into flour and sells it. The flour has similar nutrition to milk."

-- Luis Mundo

The grinding machine purchased by LifeNets

Jaime Gonzalo Ortiz at work

The finished product ready to sell

The grinding machine at work

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