Unloading the container in Chernihev, Ukraine
on July 8, 2005


Dr. Pasichnyk writes:

We unloaded the container...you can see the photos that we're sending.  We are so grateful for the help!  This is substantial help for us and other doctors. We really like the covering for the play area for the children. Most have never seen anything like this...and Chernihev thanks you.  We will be the first to have such a surface that will protect young children from trauma.



Vasyl and Natalya


The unlocking of the container

There it is!  The padded playground surface

Worker Victor and Dr. Pasichnyk were very happy with
the new surface for the play area

Off come the wheelchairs

Hit Counter

The first view shows the mobile X-ray machine
that we loaded last

And part of the mammogram machine