Nigeria Food Crisis March 2024 – LifeNets Support

Village congregation of Owerri, Nigeria.

LifeNets is giving support to the food crisis in Nigeria.  We again thank all those who have contributed to this relief effort.  Here is a letter from senior pastor Paul Moody: 

March 13, 2024

Hello Vic,

It was nice to speak with you earlier today. I'm very appreciative for the generosity of the LifeNets contributors towards serving so many important needs around the world. The recent donation from LifeNets towards food assistance in Nigeria is greatly appreciated!

Over recent years, economic hardship has been a norm for the brethren in Nigeria. With the local currency slipping dramatically against the dollar over the last few years, everyday cost of living has skyrocketed, with the most recent months being especially difficult.

When I visited Nigeria last fall, I was shocked to discover that one US dollar would exchange for 750 Naira. This was almost double what I had experienced in recent times. Sadly, the economic situation has spiraled even further downward since the start of 2024, with the Naira recently dropping to an all-time low of over 1600 against the dollar. This has sent the cost of food, fuel and other basic necessities soaring to unprecedented levels. Some Church members have been forced to choose between the cost of transport to the weekly Sabbath service or food for the day.

In response to the current hardship, an initiative has been started to supply brethren in Nigeria with some basic food staples to help ease the day to day burden. One distribution of bulk food items took place on March 2nd, consisting of rice, beans, semolina and vegetable oil. While this assistance doesn’t solve the economic crisis these individuals and families are facing, it is intended to help ease some of the strain in the short-term by providing basic meal related commodities for consumption.

I have personally been overwhelmed with messages of sincere appreciation from individuals and families whose gratitude is overflowing. Plans are underway for another distribution to take place in mid-April. The assistance received from LifeNets will provide a big boost towards that effort. Your contribution is greatly appreciated! I will keep you updated on the situation in Nigeria and the impact of your generous help.

Best regards,

Paul Moody

Attached is the recent food distribution in the Lagos, Nigeria, congregation.

We thank all who have contributed through LifeNets.  100% of your donation is directed towards the people in Lagos or Owerri, Nigeria.

-- Victor Kubik


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