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Update on Cattle and Goat Projects in Kenya

Several years ago, LifeNets helped in Kenya with the raising of Cattle and goats.  We had earlier reported the implementation of these projects.  This can be viewed here https://www.lifenets.org/kenyacattle/ https://lifenets.org/kenyagoats/ For us, it’s always interesting to see what the long-term outcomes are.  I was assured that the projects were self-sustaining and still benefiting recipients.

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Appreciation from Samuel Kairu

Further to my application to be considered for sponsorship to further my education, I sincerely write to thank you from bottom of my heart for this very important deed. Through the help I got from you, I am able to pursue university education which is an important thing  I never imagined in my life.There is […]

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Livelihood Project in Kenya

Here is a message of appreciation from Janet Anyango for the loan provided her to obtain a Singer embroidery machine.  One photo shows her with her daughter Rene, named after Dan Apartian’s late wife.  This loan will allow her to have a larger apartment and school fees for her children.  They are doing very well. […]

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