Livelihood Project in Kenya

Here is a message of appreciation from Janet Anyango for the loan provided her to obtain a Singer embroidery machine.  One photo shows her with her daughter Rene, named after Dan Apartian's late wife.  This loan will allow her to have a larger apartment and school fees for her children.  They are doing very well.  The oldest boy is starting Form 4 (grade 12).  This can help her start finding a way to cover some of those expenses.
- John Elliott
From Janet Anyango:
Hello once again,  Am glad to say hi this afternoon I know it has been a busy week on your side but hope everything is OK. I would like to say a big thank you to LifeNets for considering my case and buying me a new sewing machine. Those are some of the pictures of my new machine inside the shop I work. I am very happy to have my children with me in peace. I shall now look for a two bed roomed house so that we may all fit in (after the business has picked up).  Thank you very much be blessed all.