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Maloca of Moscou Project in Northern Brazil

Providing Water, Scholarships, and Agricultural Support. Also mosquito nets.

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LifeNets has worked in Zambia since 2000

We have provided cattle, agricultural support, food security, scholarships, boreholes, orphan support and more!

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"Revival" Centre near Chernobyl, Ukraine

We have provided support for this Centre since 1996. It has become a premier center for helping children living about 30 miles east of Chernobyl in Chernihev, Ukraine. 


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What We Do

Education, Food Security, Water, Orphans, Agriculture, Cattle, Livelihood, Habitat, Wheelchairs, Clinics, Schools and much more….


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New Graduations from the Philippines and Malawi

The LifeNets Developing Nations Scholarship Program has helped over a thousand young people since it’s inception in 2001 when we started in Guatemala and El Salvador.  We have had tremendous outcomes in the changed lives that change communities.  Some have become doctors, dentists, accountants, teachers, computer technicians, mechanics, journalists and much more.  Here are just […]

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First Scholarship Graduation from Isoka, Zambia

Fridah Kabangula graduated with merit in a Secondary Teachers Diploma in December 2020. She has made us proud.  She is the first student to graduate from Isoka.  We indeed indebted to LifeNets, Madam Beverly. We are very thankful for your constant support and help. God bless you and the team. Alfred Siame Pastor   Isoka is […]

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Wheelchair story from Annual Report

Posted originally on November 2020 https://lifenets.org/wheelchair http://lifenetswheelchairproject.org In 2019, Lifenets Wheelchair Project was able to help those suffering from MS, paralysis, COPD, etc by transferring wheelchairs and other medical devices all over the US. We had a record year in matches which totaled 111. We were fortunate enough that a medical center in Twin Falls, […]

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Chikondi Litete graduates in Blantyre, Malawi

Chikondi Litete graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education in Blantyre, Malawi. The graduation was held virtually in early March 2021 and students had to put on academic regalia and take pictures afterwards. LifeNets supported Chikondi during her studies for a period of 4 years. Bev and I have have really been thrilled […]

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LifeNets Working 25 Years in Chernobyl

Dear our friends Victor and Beverly! June 2021 marks the 25th anniversary of the “Revival” Center, the first Center in Ukraine for comprehensive rehabilitation of children with disabilities. Your organization LifeNets had a big part in its creation. Many thanks to you, all members of your organization, and many US citizens who participated in the […]

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Zambian Scholarship student now an accountant

At LifeNets we get overjoyed whenever one of our scholarship students finishes their courses and gets a job.  Jacob studied accounting and computers. We are so happy to get this report from Major Talama  I write to inform that one of the LifeNets Students, Jacob Chipempele is employed by the NHEF, Empowerment Fund as an […]

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