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Maloca of Moscou Project in Northern Brazil

Providing Water, Scholarships, and Agricultural Support. Also mosquito nets.

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LifeNets has worked in Zambia since 2000

We have provided cattle, agricultural support, food security, scholarships, boreholes, orphan support and more!

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"Revival" Centre near Chernobyl, Ukraine

We have provided support for this Centre since 1996. It has become a premier center for helping children living about 30 miles east of Chernobyl in Chernihev, Ukraine. 


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What We Do

Education, Food Security, Water, Orphans, Agriculture, Cattle, Livelihood, Habitat, Wheelchairs, Clinics, Schools and much more….


August 1, 2020 ANGOLA Ambassador Bible College fundraiser for the construction of an elementary school in Luanda, Angola. Please look…..

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Wiza Mkorongo – LifeNets Scholarship in Malawi

Wiza Mkorongo, LifeNets scholarship student, writes this report in the third person.  He is speaking about himself.  We are pleased that he has a job and is surviving the pandemic and its constraints with so many others. It was a good morning. The sun was shining radiantly, birds were chirping and dogs were barking when […]

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The Malawi mechanic in making

This is a LifeNets story showing our support to train young people for careers that will make it possible for them to sustain themselves in a difficult economic environment. Report below from Dan Ringo, LifeNets Business Manager for Blantyre, Malawi. This week, I paid James a visit at his training/working site and thought of sharing […]

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LifeNets Scholarship — Beverly Chonde in Malawi

We are so happy to publish this report about Beverly Chonde’s education sponsored by LifeNets. She was named after my wife Beverly and we are happy to see her success after knowing her and her family for two decades. Beverly is from and lives in LIlongwe, Malawi, “Mphatso, what’s the matter?” I asked. “Nothing Bev, […]

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How LifeNets Changed the Life of the Husseins in Malawi

This project is made possible by the Luker Foundation (www.lifenets.org/luker)  which is part of LifeNets.  We thank LeeAnn Luker for her interest and support for this humane action. From Daniel Ringo,  LifeNets Malawi AccountantFriday, July 17, 2020 Mr Mrs Hussein-posing with their sons twin daughters during the house building I am overwhelmed by the commendable […]

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Malawi Irrigation Pump

https://youtu.be/maUJ0HUpC88 Here’s an encouraging report from Daniel Ringo, LifeNets accountant for the Blantyre, Malawi region for the new irrigation pump installed on the Namatapanya’s farm: Good Morning Mrs Kubik, Last week on behalf of LifeNets I went ahead and purchased the irrigation pump and its fittings for Mr Namatapanya and family.  Also bought 5 litres petrol […]

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Building Madzimawe Community Center in Zambia

We would like to let you know about our construction of the Madzimawe Community Center in the Chipata area of Zambia.  This tells the story. From: Filius Jere <filius@breezefmchipata.com> Date: Wed, Jul 8, 2020 Dear LifeNets Supporters I am sure our Lord sustains you in good health; same with us here. We are in the midst of […]

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Zambia boreholes by LifeNets Australia

To our supporters! LifeNets provides clean and safe drinking water to almost 1,000 rural people in eastern Zambia in this project funded by LifeNets Australia. I am glad to give this report about the successful completion of the Borehole Project 2019 for eastern Zambia. It was not easy but where there is a will there […]

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Sakhangyi, Myanmar Food Relief

Here is a report from David Bensinger of Boise, Idaho who writes about some ongoing food relief from LifeNets to our church in Myanmar and the surrounding community. Our brethren in Myanmar appreciated a $2,000 donation from LifeNets in June. The money went to help feed several UCG families in Sakhangyi, and their family members […]

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Malawi LifeNets Scholarship – Gloria Hamala

Here is another LifeNets Scholarship success story…this one from the Blantyre, Malawi area. I am writing this letter to thank you for your support during my studies at Malawi Institute of Journalism (MIJ). Through your support for three years. I earned a certificate in journalism and later on a Diploma in Journalism (which I am […]

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Revival Children’s Day June 1, 2020

We have worked with the “Revival” Center of Rehabilitation in  Chernihiv, Ukraine since 1996. We received this fine letter from them today. Today is International Children’s Day. June 1, 2020 Dear Victor and Beverly, On the first day of summer in Ukraine, as well as around the world, we celebrate the holiday of joy and […]

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