Gratitude from Donetsk, Ukraine to LifeNets

December 16, 2023  

Gratitude to LifeNets from Toretsk, Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine.

Eastern Ukraine is one area that has been bearing the brunt of the brutal Russian invasion.  LifeNets, working with the Salvation Church in Western Ukraine, has sent volunteers and aid to those who are suffering.  This is a brief report through Vlad Yurishko with many photos and a statement of gratitude from officials in the Donetsk Oblast (Province).   

The Foundation LifeNets in Ukraine has repeatedly delivered humanitarian aid (food, medicines, hygiene products, etc.) to the frontline area of Donetsk Oblast, namely to the cities of Toretsk, Kramatorsk, Krasny Liman, Mironovka, Pokrovsk, Bakhmut, and Avdiivka.

"THANK YOU" to the Charitable Fund "The Basis of Life in Ukraine" (that is the translation of "LifeNets in Ukrainian), The government of the city of Toretsk (in Donetsk) expresses sincere thanks for your help with medical supplies. With your help, we had the means to treat and save the lives of Ukrainians who were in a state of humanitarian crisis. We wish you strong health and success in your deeds for the benefit of Ukraine. We hope you can help us as we work for the support and well-being of the Toretsk community. Let's go on to victory together! Glory to Ukraine."

What follows are photos along with a full gallery.

Please see the accompanying report of work in the Kherson Oblast in southern Ukraine.