Malawi Maize Relief

April 16, 2024
LifeNets is providing relief to southern Malawi who are undergoing significant food shortages that will only be getting worse as prices for commodities such as maize skyrocket.  
So before that happens LifeNets is providing 147 50 kg (110 lb) bags for 37 families.  Each family is receiving four 110 lb bags.  That is more than eight tons of food for this congregation!
LifeNets coordinator for southern Malawi Dan Ringo writes: 
In our search for market prices of maize, we discovered that the prices of this commodity are not yet standardized. Farmers are selling their newly harvested corn/maize in desperation, to cater for other basic needs, settle loans incurred during the farming period etc. However, vendors are taking advantage of this and buying the corn in bulk to stock and obviously sell later at exorbitant prices. 
Here in the southern region, the harvest is noticeably very low compared to pre-cyclone fleddy seasons. Although other regions of the country do have a late harvest than the south, the outcome is expected to be the same or lower. It is very likely that soon or later we will run out  of corn in our markets and the farm products vendors will come in with their unaffordable prices. 
Know that the Blantyre brethren appreciate and do not take for granted the support that comes from LifeNets and that as you bale us out of hunger (again) through this project, we, the Blantyre brethren are more grateful to LifeNets than you will ever know.

Happy to inform you that as of this morning, we have completed the procurement stage pending distribution to members.

The other picture that has the LifeNets pickup truck it was a day that myself accompanied by Mrs Mpilangwe and some youth from the church went to village markets to buy maize direct from the farmers. We went as early as 4am but only managed to buy 16 bags due to maize scarcity lucky enough we managed to find a supplier who supplied us with the remaining bags today

Will keep on updating you

Dan R Ringo
LifeNets International (MW)