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Assistance to Myanmar

January 10, 2023 We have been working with different groups in Myanmar, formerly Burma.  This is our newest group of people that I have first come into contact with in the capital city of Yangon about four years ago.  Communication and service to these people have been picked up by dedicated people from the United […]

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Tractor for Ghana

June 24, 2022 A note of thanks from Paul Moody about the fulfilment of the Ghana Tractor Project that LifeNets was happy to facilitate: Hello friends and supporters of the Ghana tractor project! I have good news. After a lengthy period of searching through used tractors, we have recently purchased a decent unit for use […]

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Operation Stop Covid-19

Operation STOP COVID-19 is a community effort led by SUPERB Industries, INC. and Stitches USA LLC. to provide products to support the national effort to bring the COVID-19 crisis under control. LifeNets supporter SUPERB President John Miller has asked us to make you aware of this service Stitches USA is a commercial sewing operation that […]

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