LifeNets Wheelchair Testimonial

April 18, 2024

The LifeNets Wheelchair Project has functioned non-stop since 2000.  It is a wheelchair matching program that matches chairs from donors to those who need them online.  Here is a story from one of the transactions:  Several months ago, we had a power scooter donated by Mark Peters in Friendswood, TX to LifeNets. Here is Mark’s email

I have an electric wheelchair I need to donate.  It is 4 months old.  It was used by my father-in-law who recently passed away.  The family would like the chair to go to someone in need. Thank you. 

Then LifeNets Wheelchair Project used our matching analysis to find a potential candidate, Bill Anderson about 50 miles away in Votax, TX.  After making a connection with the owner of the wheelchair and Bill, they were able to successfully transfer the scooter last week.  Here is Bill’s feedback:

Hi Mike (Kubik),

We picked up the scooter on Sunday and everything is perfect.  I've been using the scooter outside in the yard and to go over to the neighbors which has been problematic to do with a regular wheelchair.  I have a small pug dog that loves me being able to take her out for walks even though she likes to wrap herself around the scooter.  Having this scooter has already improved my overall mobility and helped me do things I haven't been able to do since my leg was amputated.

Again I can't thank and especially you Mike.  I reached out in early 2023 and had pretty much forgotten about it till you emailed me last week.  Mark, the owner of the scooter, couldn't have been nicer and friendlier and we had a wonderful time chatting with him. 

I'm sending you a couple of pictures of me on the scooter with my little pug.   

Again, thank you for everything.

God Bless,
William Anderson