Update on Cattle and Goat Projects in Kenya

Several years ago, LifeNets helped in Kenya with the raising of Cattle and goats.  We had earlier reported the implementation of these projects.  This can be viewed here



For us, it's always interesting to see what the long-term outcomes are.  I was assured that the projects were self-sustaining and still benefiting recipients.

Here is a report from Moses Nyaira in Kenya:

December 1, 2017

Subject: Heifer Project East Africa

The Heifer Project in East Africa is one of the most successful LifeNets sponsored projects. So far 29 families have benefited from the project. The initiative started with the Ogembo congregation and later rolled the program to the other areas The following areas have so far benefited:

  • Ogembo: 13 families
  • Magenche: 3 families
  • Kosele: 1 family
  • Migori: 1 family
  • Ndanai: 1 family
  • Elburgon: 2 families
  • Bargaria: 2 families
  • Nairobi: 3 families
  • Kitale: 1 family
  • Matuu: 1 family
  • Other: 3 families

A total of 29 families have benefited from the project high yield graded cows. I'm happy to report that out of those who were initially given the gift of the heifers most of them have generously passed on the calves to the others.


1. Some of those who initially benefited have found it difficult to pass on the calves to the others.
2. Diseases are common in some of those areas where the heifer project was rolled to.
3. Some of those who benefited find it hard to obey the project rule of passing on the calve to others.


I will give a detailed report on the same latter when I'm in touch with those who participated in the distribution of the goats, however, I was in touch with one area which is Kosele and was pleased that one family of a Mr Joseph Onura appreciate the project so much. for out of it the family has improved in their living standard.