April 2022 Visit to the Philippines and Scholarship Students

In April 2022 Philippines Senior Pastor David Dobson and Associate Pastor Nick Lamoureux visited the three major areas of the nation.  While there they met with some of our scholarship students.  The Philippines has had a very successful scholarship program producing young adults who are moving ahead in their lives with successful careers.  Here are a few of the people they visited.

We visited in Quinapondan, Eastern Samar in the Philippines today, April 13. While there, we had the chance to meet two LifeNets scholars: Donna and Dennis.   Dennis is studying to become a librarian, and Donna is studying for a business degree.  They both seem grateful for the scholarships, and Dennis is very passionate about becoming a librarian!

Greetings to you from Sabang, Philippines!

Yesterday I was pleased to meet one of your LifeNets scholars: Joshua Barriendos. Joshua helps some other young men with the sound and video at the local church hall and enjoys doing so. This is good, because he is receiving a scholarship in the Information Technology (IT) field! Although he is only in his first year, he tells me he is enjoying his studies very much and is appreciative for the scholarship, as he is able to learn about something about which he is passionate. 
Please find attached a picture of me, David Dobson, and Joshua Barriendos. 
Had the opportunity this morning to meet another one of your LifeNets scholars: 20-year-old Ace Inguito.  Ace is the cousin of Pastor Ray Gilos, and is staying with their family while studying Information Technology in Davao. He is currently in his first out of four years of schooling. Ace has a passion for programming and the software and coding side of IT and helps run the Sabbath webcast here in Davao with Mr. Gilos. 
Greetings to you from the Kidapawan, Cotabato congregation, and especially from Eden Joyce Cena - a grateful LifeNets scholar. Eden is in her second year (out of four) of her studies in high school education. Following the completion of her program she intends to teach in her field. Please find the attached photo of the Kidapawan congregation from 4-23-2022 Sabbath and a picture of David Dobson, Eden Joyce Cena, and me.

Kidapawan, Cotabo congregation

Yesterday, April 30 we met with the Bacolod, Negros congregation, and had the opportunity to meet former LifeNets scholar, Zeeryl (Joy) Verde. 
Joy graduated from school about 5 years ago, with a degree in English. Since that time, Joy has been teaching English classes in-person and remotely, and she was able to employ the skills that LifeNets helped her gain, to keep her working throughout the pandemic by teaching online classes. Joy has a love and knack for teaching English. When she was first out of school she taught English to native Chinese speakers - some of these students did not speak a single word of English when she first began working with them! She then transferred to a different company, where she now teaches English to individuals throughout Europe. 
Attached you may find a picture of me, Joy, and David Dobson.