LifeNets Brazilian Cattle Report

LifeNets Brazilian Cattle Report

January 5, 2021

We are happy to show you some photos of our cattle in Moscau de Malaca. This is in the Amerindian Provincince in northern Brazil.  This is a successful sustainable continuation of our original Brazilian Cattle Project that we first reported on in

We also reported this also on a personal visit to Moscau de Malaca in the

A member of the United Church of God Church and his family (Valdir) moved home to be near the cattle and are taking of it.  They are building a home there as shown.  It is becoming a lot calmer, as the video shows them peacefully going to the water with Valdir filming and guiding it. One of the heads on the video is Bella (he says in Portuguese “there is Bella”) that was part of our but I cannot identify which head is “Bella”.

Additionally, the community with the money they saved, also bought another six head of cattle from a farmer. They have marked it and now are trying to coordinate a truck driver with the farmer to bring the additional head.

-- Jorge de Campos

House on property under construction