Changed Life for South African Scholarship Student

July 31, 2023

Conrade and son along with pastor Arthur Fisher

We feature Conrade Zinhumwe from the Johannesburg area of South Africa in our LifeNets Developing Nations Scholarship program.  Thank you all who support our program as it has changed and saved lives as this Conrade's story attests.

He is originally from Zimbabwe and has had many difficult challenges in life, yet he’s not allowed them to defeat him.  He is now living living in South Africa with his wife and two children. 

He is very involved in his church.  His pastor Arthur Fisher writes the following about Conrade:

Conrade has just passed the first module of his course and has registered for the next two modules. I have seldom come across someone as committed as Conrade: studying, working at his job, getting involved in Church activities, passionate about our Spokesman's Club, and all under very difficult living conditions. Conrade and his wife Primrose are always happy, positive and humble.

Conrade can't get enough of thanking you for helping him with LifeNets - it has meant the world to him. He also never stops thanking all of us "for being part of the change in my life"; he just can't believe how he has changed since becoming a part of the Church.

Conrade himself writes: 

I would like to take this opportunity to express gratitude to those who helped me to get a scholarship from LifeNets and the sponsor Mr. and Mrs. Kubik  

It has provided me with an opportunity to child my education foundation as a husband and a father of two.  I am studying BCcom in International supply chain management.   I am currently completing my second-year modules. I chose to study two modules this semester because of my commitment to God’s Feast of Tabernacles. I want to have enough time to fellowship with my fellow brothers.

The institution added wop extra modules to my program which means I will be left with six out of twenty-one modules in my program, I am planning to continue with 2 modules per semester to improve my grades in case I decide to pursue a Ph.D. (Honors Degree) after my current studies. I will finish my studies in May/June 2025 if everything goes as planned.

My goal and prayer is to have a secure join in the international Supply Chain and Logistics industry as a manager in that area and to have the financial freedom to attend investment and entrepreneurship classes to improve my financial education 

Conrade Zinhumwe