Congo Update!

Today Derrick Pringle from Kitwe, Zambia sent these very exciting photos of our orphanage and building construction in the Congo.  We have helpers from Solwezi and Mufulira that regularly go over to the Congo and help out with our new group that includes orphans and a church.  

We have been helping with maize and poultry for orphans as well as constructing a building. I want to thank Ryan Hall for donating the camera that we were able to give the leader in the Congo to take photos for us.  

To background to these stories is in these links:

Our Venture into the Congo -- Faith Amidst Tribulation December 2016

Vic and Bev's visit with the Congo people April 19, 2017  

Photo captions:

  • Bricks – Been made and burnt to complete the new building
  • Building – Under construction.
  • Orphans – Well dressed and happy to attend Sabbath services. 
  • Poultry – Poultry house completed. Chicken feeders ready for first batch of chicks.
  • Mr Changa Changa holding Sabbath services. Sometimes there are over 60 attending. I send him twice a month with assistant Stephen Kunda. Eight leading men are coming to FOT Copperbelt.