Winter 2024 LifeNets Humanitarian trip to Donetsk region

Vladislav Yurishko send this report about LifeNets volunteers coming from Western Ukraine to near the front lines to help suffering civilians who have no place to go.  We are just posting this now from reports made in February.   The winter is over, but the suffering continues.  We thank all who have donated to LifeNets to help deliver relief to people living in the war zone.  The photos below show the trauma at street level in this war. 

Vlad writes: 

Feb 29, 2024
We thank you for your support and for making our charity possible.
In January and February we sent two trucks with humanitarian aid to Ukraine.
We sent food, clothes, shoes, hygiene products and much more.

This is eastern Ukraine, a few kilometers from the front line.

Friends are risking their lives to deliver aid to people who have not yet fled their homes in the Donetsk region. They have nowhere to go, some of them are unable to move.

Almost every time our volunteers go there, someone is always evacuated to a safe part of the country.