Felicia From Zambia Says “Thanks” to LifeNets and Bev

Today, I received this note of thanks from Feliciia Talama, our minister's wife in Lusaka, Zambia. I wanted to share it with all of you who have helped to make a difference in the lives of many people. Your contributions are appreciated.

The photos depict

  • Boreholes in Mumbwa area sunk by LifeNets, benefiting the local communities, helping in sustaining their lives with clean water.  Also, shown are beneficiaries receiving their relief maize donated by LifeNets.
  • Vegetable gardens in Kasumpa Area. Thanks to LifeNets for the boreholes
  • Cows donated by LifeNets
  • Newly sunk Boreholes for Mapoko area. These boreholes will benefit a large number of people in these communities. saving people from traveling kilometers in search of clean water.
  • -- Beverly Kubik

Felicia with her husband pastor Nawa Talama

Hello Beverly,

Hope you are fine. I'm okay. Here's a small note to say thank you.

We left Lusaka on 16th August, 2018. We visited these areas Kasumpa, Nalubanda, Mapoko, Itumbwe and Mumbwa township. As we were passing by I looked in the window filled with thick bushes, rocks and no sign of fresh water.

I thought to myself about the plight of our brothers and sisters who are wandering through the bushes surrounded by dry canals where they can't find a drop to drink and there is no market where they can buy a bottle of water. When you are thirsty you know how refreshing a cup of cold water can be. Mothers hear their children calling in the middle of the night, mummy!! I want a glass of water, but there's no water. Every human being needs water to sustain life. Water is a basic need. Jesus reminds us that giving cups of cold water to others has its rewards. Serving others is an important part of the Christian life.

Vic and Bev, I thank God who made you to be unique. You're fearfully, thoughtfully and wonderfully made. You were created to be an answer to someone's problem, and interpreter of their dreams. God is the only one who will reward you for what you are doing for the vulnerable brothers and sisters in these remote areas of this country Zambia.  You have sacrificed your time going round looking and searching for resources to come and help the people in need. You have seen those around you with little or nothing.

Looking at the areas where we went people have no food because of the drought we had last season but through your generosity you have looked at the needs of those around you who are less fortunate and you have put a SMILE on their faces because today they have bags of maize, and they can put food on their tables. What a blessing to have a family like you who have a deeper concern for the less fortunate around us. What a blessing we could be to our communities if every Christian family considered what they could share and give.

Women in Mumbwa in all the areas we visited were saying please tell Vic and Bev that we are really grateful for whatever they have done for our families. We were walking very long distances every day to fetch water but today water is in our doorsteps. We really appreciate and thank God for this gracious gift of water and relief Maize. May God open your eyes to see those he has sent you to help. Warm regards from them and may God bless you richly that's their prayer.

Today in Mumbwa areas, people have fresh water for themselves, gardens and their animals. They used to get their water from shallow Wells which was not good and sometimes they dry up during the hot season.

May you continue to be a blessing in the lives of many through your care and generosity.

With Love,

Felicia Talama