March 19, 2023. we have reached our goal!

$8000 of our $8000 goal

LifeNets advanced the $8000 in May of last year.  We thank all those in the 
US who contributed to this initiative of concerned people who filled a vital need in Zambia and produced a great crop. 

Here is the story as we told it earlier. 
Immediate need for fertilizer in Zambia
May 22, 2022
Project: Fertilizer and Certified Seed for Brethren in Africa
Situation: Many brethren in Africa have been taught successful small-scale conservation farming techniques by Chosiwe Jere. This has served as quite a blessing for the church families in the region. 
Need: Due to a "perfect storm" of factors including timing of rains and planting, supply chain issues and food shortages and increasing costs with inflation, there is a very dire and urgent need for the brethren in Africa. The need is for procuring proper fertilizer and certified seed in the face of shortages and rising prices. 
Goal: $8,000. This amount will provide 80 families interspersed throughout Zambia with needed fertilizer and certified seed for planting. These 80 families absolutely depend on farming for their very lives.
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Thank you for your interest and care.  All donations are tax-exempt.  LifeNets is a 501 (c) (3) public charity. EIN 35-2083120

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Report by Filius Jere
April 8, 2022

We have a dire situation of food shortage looming over us. This year saw the rains coming resulting in many farmers planting late. Automatically, this spells poor harvest, unprecedented food shortages, and hunger. As a church, we have always tried to intervene in this.

My wife Chosiwe is very good at small-scale conservation farming techniques or climate-smart agriculture. Because of this, in spite of the dire conditions obtained at present, she has a good stand of maize (corn) and we are under no threat of lack of food. Over the years, Chosiwe has been sharing her knowledge with brethren in our area of operation and many of them have improved their farming methods and become food secure.

However, we are facing a different ball game this coming season. So farmers must be smart and access farm inputs like fertilizer and certified seed now before the current prices go sky-high. Currently, fertilizer prices have dropped back to off-season levels of ZMW 700-00 per 50kg bag. Certified seed has also dropped back to ZMW 350-00. It is for this reason that I am grateful for your timely intent to help.

Altogether, we have eighty families of baptized and proven brethren in three scattered places, who depend on farming. It would be very good if we can give a farming pack to each family. according to the breakdown below: