Grinding Jan 12 Report on LifeNets Volunteer Aid to Ukraine’s War Zones

Jan 12, 2024

Greetings, Victor and Beverly,

The whole world continues to watch what is happening in Ukraine and the Middle East. The situation, as we see it, is not improving, and we hope that it will end as soon as possible.

I would like to report to you on the work of LifeNets in Ukraine.

At the beginning of January 2024, the ministers of the Church of Salvation Khust took to Kherson the humanitarian aid that they received from us from Germany in November and December.

They also purchased food from which the church made food packages. It was a very practical lesson for the children who helped to serve.

The humanitarian aid received from Germany and the food packages were delivered to the village of Kamyshany, Kherson region, and then delivered to people who are experiencing a terrible crisis from the brutal war.

In Kherson region, people needed material to insulate and roof their damaged houses, so the team of brothers purchased the necessary material and delivered it to those who needed it.

About 150-170 people received help during the LifeNets mission.

We sincerely thank everyone who finances this work.

Warm regards.
Sincerely, Vlad Yurishko